12 Finest Google Cardboard Video games For Android & iOS in 2023

12 Finest Google Cardboard Video games For Android & iOS in 2023

Everyone knows that Google Cardboard is a digital actuality (VR) platform developed by Google with a head mount for a smartphone. It is a relaxation system. The builders have made positive to offer you apps and video games that entertain you while enabling you to know the magic of VR. There are many of them Cardboard Video Games on Play Retailer and Apple iTunes for customers. At this moment, on this article, I am going to write down the 12 Best Google Cardboard Video Games which may be one of the best of the lot for positives.

Best Google Cardboard Video Games for Android and iOS in 2023

Here are the video games that work best with Google Cardboard VR headsets. Let’s look at them.

1. InMind 2 – Successor to InMind

inmind 2 VR game for Google Cardboard

The InMind was one of many sci-fi VR video games. The issue was that many customers complained that it is too fast and that there are no distances apart from the place where you destroy neurons. Then again, InMind 2 is among the Hottest VR video games to date which allows you to play as John and observe the method of him turning into an adult. It allows you to make all choices, to help John’s human mind by studying the chemistry of feelings, managing his reactions and ultimately being in control of John’s future. This is undoubtedly one of many Best VR Video Games for Google Cardboard.

Setup: Android, iOS (Free, in-app purchases start at $2.99)

2. Cardboard!

Card board!  VR game

The digital actuality recreation, Caaaaardboard requires you dive off buildings in Boston, Massachusetts, while performing stunts, collecting factors, spray painting and extra. It provides Best VR expertise on Google Cardboard. The sport definitely brings an outstanding VR expertise especially for many who are afraid of heights. This undoubtedly helps them to overcome their worry.

Setup: Android (Paid, $1.99)

3. Home of Terror VR


For those who are on the lookout for a true horror recreation to play in you Google Cardboard, then Home of Terror is recommended to be one of the best one on the market. It leads you by yourself into an unknown, abandoned house and it is advisable to navigate out of the identical by trying to find clues and solve puzzles. The fascinating half is that while saving yourself from being captured by a hoard of monsters and ghosts, you have to solve the thriller. It is among the good VR video games which gives an excellent expertise.

Setup: Android, iOS (Free, in-app purchases start at $2.99)

4. Hidden Temple

hidden temple google cardboard game

Hidden Temple is a travel VR relaxation. This respected VR Sport aims to keep you in mind to collect and mix gadgets in an attempt to unravel difficult mysteries and uncover buried secrets and techniques within the hidden temple. This is a fairly easy recreation. Plus, it allows you to play it quietly on your own.

Setup: Android, iOS (Paid, $3.99)

5. Complete Area VR (Minos Starfighter VR)

End Space VR game

Finish Area VR is one of the most detailed-oriented video games that allow you to master VR more and more. The sport comes with you to launch a small house fighter to fight a territory fight against enemies. All you have to do is maneuver your head to maneuver over the spaceship and use the magnet button to set off laser shots. One of the best halves is that the Finish Area VR contains totally different house environments, detailed house ships, upgrades and extra. Furthermore, the VR relaxation options AAA graphics and 3D positional sound for the best VR expertise on Google Cardboard.

Setup: Android, iOS (Paid, $0.99)

6. Proton Pulse

Proton Pulse VR game

Proton Pulse is a highly addictive recreation. This VR on Google Cardboard is a brick breaking title the place where you have to spin and aim a proton ball to destroy the enemy core. The amazing relaxation even helps you use your head to spin and tilt the vitality ball.

Setup: Android, iOS (Paid, $2.99)

7. Deep Area Battle

Deep Space Battle VR

Then comes a very high quality possibility for anyone serious about capturing video games. VR definitely makes the recording of video games even higher. The amazing recreation, Deep Area Battle is a house shooter recreation the place where you will have to use your intelligence and weapons to defend your world from an invasion. The colorful galactic panorama within the recreation absolutely makes for a tremendous VR expertise. Along with all this, the sport also includes options such as totally different ship designs and extra. Participating in this recreation using Android-powered VR headsets is definitely combination!

Setup: Android (Free)

8. Last kick VR

Final Kick VR - Best Google Cardboard Games

If you’re a football fan and usually aren’t into the travel or motion video games, you’ve definitely acquired to watch Last Kick VR in your Google Cardboard. Take part in this VR relaxation puts you in the middle of the fun of a penalty shootout, the place where you will take turns to take the shot first and score after which you put on the gloves. The gloves float in the air to prevent the computer from scoring one above you.

Setup: Android, iOS (Free, in-app purchases start at $2.99)

9. Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter VR game

Zombie Shooter allows you to play to a certain extent and for the purpose of transferring additional, you will have to make an in-app purchase. Zombie Shooter helps you to kill a lot of zombies in digital reality. The sport features a post-apocalyptic subway packed with mutants and zombies. On this recreation you will simply have to aim at zombies and the sports car shoot them. It is extremely easy. Nevertheless, if you like catching zombies for a while, you can give it a try. In any other case, I have already mentioned a number of high quality choices above. Anyone choose them and play VR video games you are interested in

Setup: Android, iOS (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

10. Fractal Fight X

Fractal Combat X game

Fractal Fight X is one of the very widespread android recreation. It also comes with support for Google Cardboard VR. The game is a flight combat recreation with some top graphics. Along with that, it comes with diverse new missions accompanied by beautiful landscapes and epic soundtracks. The sport also helps controllers, so you possibly can take advantage of the VR expertise without carrying your arms close to your head. Samsung Gear VR or Android VR Headsets can be used by Android lovers while enjoying.

Setup: Android (paid, $2.99), iOS (free, in-app purchases start at $0.99

11. Trinus:


Although TrinusVR doesn’t look like a VR recreation, it means you can play VR video games. Basically, playing computer video games is one thing that you can make the most of. That’s how it goes. By using this application, you will connect your gadget to your computer. Then it incorporates head monitoring straight into the sport you enjoy. After that, the sport is broadcast to your VR headset, simulating a VR expertise. The subsequent pseudo-VR expertise is certainly relatively distinctive. When using it, problems might get a little hesitant, so make the most of the free trial first to ensure that your system and system can handle it.

Setup: Android

12. VR X-Racer:

Fri X Racer

In VR X-Racer, a limitless runner recreation, your goal is to dodge obstacles while transferring rapidly. Your goal is to achieve one of the best ratings while touring as far as you can. Factors are assigned for issues such as proximity to fog and placing blue rings that appear in your route. Compared to a few of the different video games on record, it is extremely easy. You do have the choice of using a gamepad or head monitor as your controller. Downloading and using the sport is each free, with in-app editions masking upgrades like no promotion.

Setup: Android, iOS

So, all those Google Cardboard customers who want expertise VR video games can go for any of the above video games. These are all some very cool choices that can provide you with an extremely good VR expertise.

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