6 Best iOS Apps To Start Learning Sign Language With

6 Best iOS Apps To Start Learning Sign Language With

If mastering another language is one of your goals this coming New Year, you should definitely try learning American Sign Language (ASL).

Knowing how to sign is important in communicating with the Deaf community and others who are hard of hearing, and through apps you can now review ASL anytime, anywhere.

With this, we have compiled a list of the best iOS apps that you can download to help you learn and practice how to draw:

1. Ligvano

Ligvano is an app made by deaf teachers who share a passion for teaching Sign Language through daily 10-minute lessons designed to teach practical conversational skills, writes Healthy Hearing.

With the Lingvano character mirror feature, users can use the vocabulary trainer to strengthen skills and cultivate long-term memory.

In addition, there are exercises for practicing conversational dialogues, a searchable dictionary, quizzes and facial expression judges.

However, similar to its other apps, which also provide British Sign Language and Austrian Sign Language, a premium subscription is required to access all learning content and features.

2. Drawing school

Numerous sign topics, multiple choice games and a dictionary with several dialects are all available on SignSchool, which was developed by three friends, one of whom is deaf.

According to Healthline, the visual-only app also includes a “Sign of the Day” feature that makes it easy to pick up a new plate each day.

SignSchool is a resource ideal for intermediate signers, offering over 4,000 signs and 200 subtopics.

3. Rocket ASL

Langoly cites Rocket ASL as the best overall app for ASL learners because it has a well-structured course that covers every aspect of ASL, as well as suggestions for when to use it.

The ASL course created by Rocket Languages ​​will take users from beginner to intermediate through clear steps to learning ASL.

Videos of people drawing are included in each lesson, along with thorough explanations of how to put signs together to form sentences.

Rocket also contains a lot of information about deaf culture, such as how to participate in conversations with signers and the value of signing spaces.

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4. The ASL application

Educators Technology reports that the ASL app uses video lessons to make learning conversational ASL simple and understandable.

The app offers learning resources for words and signs on a variety of topics, including pop culture, social media, sports, education, family signs, and more.

The ASL app, a visual-only app with over 2,500 ASL signs and phrases, was developed by Ink & Salt, a deaf-owned and operated company.

5. InterSign ASL

According to Healthline, there are more than 90 lessons in the relatively new visual-only app InterSign ASL.

It includes a dictionary, glossary, and games, and the creators plan to add character-specific versions of those games.

In InterSign ASL, the signs are divided into steps so you don’t have to learn everything at once, according to reviewers.

6. ASL Bloom

According to Langoly, Beginners are best served by ASL Bloom because it starts with the basics and uses spaced repetition to help with memory retention.

In addition, ASL Bloom was created to make learning to sign easier for the family members and friends of deaf children.

There are videos demonstrating how to make signs precisely, practice tests, flashcards, and a drawing bank that allows users to search for a specific sign.

Most importantly, ASL Bloom provides a deeper understanding by also covering important deaf cultural topics.

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