Arabic Language Centre launches Scan and Learn Arabic app

Arabic Language Centre launches Scan and Learn Arabic app

The Arabic Language Center has released a free app to help and encourage users to learn Arabic.

The Scan and Learn Arabic application will allow users to scan certain objects in the city through their smartphones or tablets. That object’s names will then be translated into Arabic. Users can download the app on iOS and Android platforms and use its built-in optical reader to scan texts at key facilities along the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

The application provides an easy and interactive way to learn Arabic with the purpose of daily use.

“We are committed to preserving the Arabic language as a core component of our Arab and Emirati culture, keeping it undeniably present in the everyday lives of all members of our community,” said Ali Bin Tamim, Chairman of the Language Centre. said.

“This initiative enables us to make the most of advanced technologies in our efforts to promote the Arabic language, improve its proficiency among speakers and confirm its position as the primary language of use among native speakers, while paving the way for non-native speakers to learn it.”

While the app’s built-in optical reader can currently only scan text in the Abu Dhabi Corniche, it is the first of many sites in the emirate to be added to the ongoing project.

“It is critical that all relevant parties work together to provide all the tools needed to promote the use of the Arabic language in every aspect of our daily lives,” said Abdulla Al Sahi, Undersecretary of the Department of Municipalities and transportation, said.

“Our mother tongue is one of the most important means of communication; it has long been the cornerstone of harmony in our societies, providing a platform throughout history for literary, scientific and social dialogue between different peoples.”

Hamad Ali Al Dhaheri, undersecretary of Abu Dhabi’s Department of Community Development, added the initiative reflects the value entities and institutions across the capital in Arabic.

“We fully recognize and appreciate the importance of such initiatives to strengthen our national identity through the Arabic language, one of the most essential foundations in our Arab and Emirati culture,” said Al Dhaheri.

“Learning Arabic will also strengthen social cohesion between all components of our community. Research has shown that promoting the official language in any country and creating opportunities to learn it more easily promotes communication and solidarity between all the groups that make up said society.”

Scan and Learn Arabic app is now available to download for free on iOS and Android platforms

Updated: December 21, 2022, 11:03 am

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