Best PC Emulators For Gamers

Emulators have become more and more popular over the years. They can reduce the hassle of installing the same program on multiple computers, especially when the system is connected to a network. With an overwhelming number of emulators in the market, we present some of the best emulators for PC to help your buying process.

Best emulators for PC to meet a wide variety of requirements

ARChon – Best PC Emulator with Easy Installation

ARChon can be installed in no time. The emulator requires Google Chrome to be available on the computer on which the installation is to be done. All you have to do is turn on the developer settings and add the ARChon plugin extension and you are ready to go.

You can use ARchon on a computer with any operating system, including Linux. It is best recommended for people who are involved in the testing profession or occasionally want to run an Android application on their computer. On the other hand, the free emulator does not work well with games and APKs without another tool.

GameLoop – Best PC Emulator for Gamers

GameLoop is exactly what its name suggests. The emulator is mainly intended for gamers who want to try their hands on a large number of games. However, you can also use it with other applications. The emulator has no support for virtualization technology.

Although GameLoop itself is very easy to install, some apps used with it take about two to three attempts to download, while the installation process for a few others is challenging. The emulator works well with games like PUBG: Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile and apps like TikTok.

MuMu Player – Best PC Emulator with Toolbar

MuMu Player is focused on gaming and is an Android based emulator. The emulator works seamlessly with game titles like Vikingard, Onmyoji, and more. Its UI and controls are quite user-friendly and the program itself works without a glitch.

The emulator has a toolbar at the bottom that helps perform various functions such as key mapping, installing APKs, recording videos and taking screenshots. MuMu Player has a lighter variant called MuMu Nebula, which is intended for low-end computers. The download and installation processes are very easy.

BlueStacks – Best PC Emulator with Customizable Game Controls

BlueStacks is mainly meant for Android mobile phones and provides very fast performance. The emulator has access to a multitude of Android games and applications. It takes up very little RAM and does not drain the phone’s battery.

Using BlueStacks is very easy, thanks to its clean and simple interface along with customizable game controls. It also offers support for Mac OS and Windows. One major drawback is that the emulator doesn’t allow you to control apps running on the home screen.

LDPlayer – Best PC Emulator with multi-language support

LDPlayer is a lightweight emulator designed for people who are looking forward to play the Android games installed on their smartphones on PC with Windows OS. The emulator is controlled with the keys and mouse of the Windows device. It supports customization of its controls.

The main highlight of LDPlayer is its Multi-Instance feature. This feature allows you to open multiple games simultaneously on a PC in split screen mode. It can also be used to optimize the game’s performance regarding its graphics and FPS.

Android Studio – Best PC Emulator with Low Memory Consumption

Android Studio comes loaded with multiple functions and flexible features. The emulator can deliver fast startup applications due to less memory consumption. It is characterized by high reliability and performance and has a convenient graphical user interface.

The emulator is designed using Java language. Android Studio gives its users a personalized experience by allowing them to change the theme of the emulator window as they wish. It also allows you to work on multiple applications as well as take screenshots at the same time.

NoxPlayer – Best PC Emulator with Screen Recorder