Google quickly reverted a change to Wallet Quick Settings tile

Google quickly reverted a change to Wallet Quick Settings tile

Google quickly rolled back an annoying change to the Wallet Quick Settings tile on Pixel phones. Earlier this week, the tile briefly showed the full name of a card, a change from the existing approach of showing just the last four digits. But the old behavior is now back.

Google Wallet quick settings tile stops showing full card name

A Google Play Services update earlier this week brought several changes to Google Wallet shortcuts on the Pixel lock screen and quick settings. On the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the shortcuts now open the full app, a change the company announced in October as part of its Play System updates for the month. The shortcuts used to take you to an intermediary UI for maps and passes. You can collect a card from there as a payment method. However, the latest Play Services update kept this intermediary Maps and Passes UI intact on older Pixel devices.

However, all Pixel models have picked up a change to Wallet’s Quick Settings tile. It started showing the full card name instead of just the last four digits. This made for a visually distracting experience, more so if your card name was longer. The full name will scroll before the numbers appear. And it happens every time you pull down the Quick Settings panel. Users were understandably not happy with this approach, as showing the full map name didn’t serve much of a functional purpose. Fortunately, Google quickly reversed the change. The Wallet Quick Settings tile now only shows the last four digits of your card.

It’s unclear whether Google reverted to the old approach in response to user feedback or if the initial rollout made the change in error. But as confirmed by 9to5Google, a simple restart of your Pixel phone should be enough to undo the change. Open the Google Wallet app after restarting and the Quick Settings tile should no longer show the full card name.

Google Wallet will soon add support for state IDs and driver’s licenses

Google is positioning the Wallet app as a one-stop home for all digital items on Pixel devices. The app will not only store your credit and debit cards to make quick payments. The company wants you to store everything from your birth certificates and COVID-19 vaccine cards to all other identification cards in Wallet. To that end, it will soon support state IDs and driver’s licenses. Google announced this support as part of the December Play System updates. The deployment should start any time now.

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