How to crop an image on any device

How to crop an image on any device

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It’s happened to all of us — you take what you think is the best photo ever. Then you look closer and discover a stranger sticking his head in your lap with his tongue out and his thumb up. Or you take a great breathtaking landscape shot, but accidentally get the McDonald’s Golden Arches in the corner, spoiling the mood. Instead of banging your head in frustration, just crop the image on any device to get rid of the offending elements. Here’s how to do it in a minute or two.

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If you want to crop an image on any device, it all depends on the program you use. Every operating system has its own default Photos app where you can do basic editing tasks like cropping. You just have to know where to look for the Edit function.


How to Crop an Image on a Windows PC

There are a few image editing programs installed on Windows, such as the default Photos app and Paint. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll stick with the Photos app.

Open the image, and at the top of the screen you will see a Edit image button. Click on it.

edit image windows 11 button

The top bar will now have four image editing options. The first one is Washed. Select it.

crop image windows 11 button

Using your cursor, drag one of the four thick white corners inward until you have the portion of the image you want to keep. As you do this, the updated dimensions of the image will show on the screen.

crop image windows 11

When you’re done cropping the image, click the down arrow Save as copy. You can then choose either Savewhich overwrites the original image or Save as copy leaving the original image alone.

save cropped image windows 11

How to crop an image on a Mac

There are two ways to crop an image on a Mac, both equally easy. We will look at both.


Open the image in Finder, then drag your cursor over the portion of the image you want to keep. A dotted box will appear over that selected section. You can move the box around until you get the perfect crop by holding and moving the blue circle sitting on the dotted line.

drag dotted line finder mac

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When you have selected the cut out section, click the icon that looks like the tip of a pen. This will bring up a second menu – the icon at the far end (a square with some bits sticking out) is the crop option. Click on it and the uncut portion will disappear.

crop viewfinder mac

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Photos app

Alternatively, you can crop your image in the Photos app. After opening the image, click Edit top right of the screen.

mac photos app edit button

You will now see a Washed option. Click on it.

mac photos app crop photo

Crop the image by using your cursor to drag one of the thick white corners inward. When you’re done clipping, click the yellow finished button to save your changes.

mac photos app cut picture then done

How to Crop an Image on Android

The easiest way to crop an image on Android is to use Google Photos.

  • Open the image and click Edit at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click now Washed.
  • Use your finger to drag the white cut corners inward until you cut out what you don’t need.
  • Click Save. You will be asked if you want to save it (overwrite the original) or save the cropped image as a copy.

How to crop an image on iPhone and iPad

On iOS, the Photos app is the easiest and fastest way to crop an image. It works more or less the same as the Mac Photos app.

  • Open the image and click Edit at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the crop icon at the bottom of the screen (a screw-up type square).
  • Use your finger to drag the white corners inwards until you have cropped the image. Then tap Save at the bottom to save your changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Until you save your changes, you can revert your changes to the way they were before. However, once you save the edited image, the chances of getting the original image back decrease. However, this will vary depending on which operating system you are using.

No, you don’t need to use an app. All operating systems have some sort of built-in functionality to edit and crop images. That being said, an app can give you more fine-tuned controls that a basic OS editor wouldn’t. A good example of this would be the Adobe suite.

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