How to install your favorite apps on old iPhones that can’t run iOS 16

How to install your favorite apps on old iPhones that can’t run iOS 16

When Apple unveiled iOS 16 earlier this year, it delivered bad news to iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 owners. Their devices would no longer be running the latest operating system, which meant they would never get all those exciting new iOS 16 features. That said, you can continue to use iPhones with iOS 15 safely, and you can still install apps on these older models.

However, users who choose not to upgrade the hardware should be aware of some app-related caveats. Most developers update their apps to optimize them for the latest operating system, iOS 16. As a result, getting the apps on iPhone that don’t support Apple’s latest mobile operating system will work a little differently.

How to install new apps on your iOS 15 iPhone

The good news is that most iPhone apps in the App Store support much older operating system versions than iOS 15. Even if you’re on an older iPhone, you’ll be able to install most of these apps without worrying about your iOS version. worry.

The only caveat here is about apps created specifically for iOS 16. If so, your device will not be able to run it.

About Download and install apps on your iOS 15 device, make the App Store app on your mobile phone and search for the application you need. If it appears, your older iPhone may be running a version of the app. Just install the app as usual.

As Apple Insider point out, you can always install new apps on a new iPhone that can run iOS 16. The app will be available to download if you use the same Apple ID on your older iPhone. Go to the App Store app, tap on you profile icon and then go to the Bought menu. You will find the brand new application in the My purchases section if the new app can run on iOS 15.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro main
Apple iPhone 12 Pro with the screen turned on. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

How to Download Older Versions of Apps on Your iPhone

But what if you need to install an older app that you deleted from your older iPhone? You can reinstall the app just as easily even if the developer updates the app with iOS 16 features.

The process is similar to the method above as long as the app is available in the App Store. You can take the same route: App Store application, profile icon, Bought menu, and My purchases.

Once there, you’ll need to browse or search for the app you want. You should find it with ease. Tap the iCloud icon next to it and download the older app on your iPhone.

The one problem you may encounter here is a warning asking you to download an older version of this app. You will have to type Download to confirm that you want it.

The downside is that you can’t choose which version of the app you get. This will be the last version released by the developer for iOS 15.

iPhone SE 3 color options
iPhone SE 3 color options. Image source: Apple Inc.

How to Install Abandoned iPhone Apps

There’s one more thing to consider when deleting apps from your iPhone, regardless of which device you own. If it’s an app you love but hasn’t seen any updates in years, you might not want to delete it. There’s no telling if you’ll find it again in the App Store if you do.

The good news is that old, abandoned iPhone apps will certainly run on older iPhones that cannot upgrade to iOS 16.

Apple usually still hosts the app in the App Store so you can download it again, even if it no longer appears in App Store searches. Apple can always clean up outdated apps, and developers can opt them out. You will not be affected if you have the abandoned app on your iPhone.

If you deleted it and want to reinstall it, it’s pretty simple. To search for abandoned apps that you installed via the current Apple ID, just follow the steps described in the section above. You will find it in the same My purchases menu if the old app is still in the App Store.

Of course, the best way to deal with an older iPhone is to upgrade the hardware. This guide will tell you which new iPhone to buy, and there’s a big incentive to install Apple’s latest operating system as soon as possible.

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