How to use Snapchat on a PC or Mac

How to use Snapchat on a PC or Mac

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Since its initial launch, Snapchat has become one of the most famous and widely used social media mobile applications. It’s a very simple way to have quick, fleeting chats with friends, as well as send them photos of your current events. However, something was always missing: an integrated experience with computers. This changed in July 2022 with the introduction of Snapchat for web. Let’s talk about how to use Snapchat on a computer.

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To use Snapchat on a PC or Mac, go to Key you Username or email and Password > type Yes on the mobile confirmation. After this, you will automatically be redirected to the Snapchat for website.


How does Snapchat work for web?

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Snapchat for web lets you continue chatting, start new chats, send Snapsand participate in video calls. In that way, it is similar to the mobile app.

However, where it differs is in the more advanced features. Snapchat for Web is a much more stripped down, bare bones version of Snapchat. Also, it only works on Google Chrome.


  • You cannot add new friends using the desktop platform. You can only chat with Snapchat for Web and call people you’re already friends with.
  • Stories are also not available on the web version. It is only available on the mobile app.

How to set up and use Snapchat for the web

Snapchat for the web is very easy to use. This was actually a premium feature initially reserved for Snapchat+ subscribers. It was then made available for free in September 2022.

Start by going to on a Chrome-based browser. Note that this does not currently work on Safari, so you must visit this site with Google Chrome. It also works on Opera GX in our testing.

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Key you Username or email and Password.

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You will be redirected to a Confirm in Snapchat page. You’ll need to take out your phone and type the confirmation inside the Snapchat mobile app.

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After typing Yes on your phone, you’ll be able to access Snapchat for Web on your computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Snapchat for the web is free. Initially, it was a paid feature for Snapchat+ subscribers. However, in September 2022 it was made accessible for free.

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