How to use Tinder in stealth mode

How to use Tinder in stealth mode

Enabling Tinder Stealth Mode is easier than you think! Follow our tutorial and find out how to use Tinder without anyone knowing. It is possible to use Tinder without anyone knowing.

Does the thought of your friends and family knowing you use Tinder scare you? Well, you don’t need to delete the app from your mobile device, close your account, or look for alternatives to Tinder to meet people. And it is that this dating social network has a “hidden mode” that you can activate in a simple, fast and free way.

Although the app that this dating service has on Android and iOS has a functionality called “Incognito Mode”, it doesn’t work to use the respective app secretly.

It is for this reason that several steps must be performed in order to enable the famous “Hidden Mode” correctly. If you are interested in knowing what those steps are, all you have to do is keep reading, Here we will explain it in detail!

So you can use Tinder in hidden mode

Tinder has an incognito mode that can only be used if Tinder Plus is enabled.

The methods we will show you next only work on Android mobile devices. If you use Tinder from your computer or iPhone, we would recommend activating incognito mode (from the browser in the case of the computer, and from the own application that Tinder has on iOS).

Block contacts within the Tinder app

The tutorial we will show you next will prevent the contacts you added on your phone from knowing you are using Tinder. Simply put, they will never find your Tinder account.

Tinder allows you to block contacts simply and quickly.

First, you need to open the Tinder app from your mobile device. Once you are inside the relevant dating service, you need to click on your profile which is located in the bottom corner of the screen. Within your Tinder profile, you will need to press the gear that appears in the top right corner. Scroll down to the “My Visibility” category and click on “Block Contacts”. Click on the button that says “Continue”.

It is recommended to block all contacts so that no one can find your account.

Click on “Import Contacts”. Give Tinder access to all your contacts. Select the contacts you want to block. And finally, click on the option that says “Block Contacts”. Prevent your Facebook friends from knowing you’re using Tinder

Did you create your Tinder account with Facebook? if your answer is “Yes”, you must block access to the list of friends you have within the social network. To do this, you must follow all these steps carefully:

Twitter also allows Tinder to not have access to the people who follow you.

Import Facebook from your phone. Within the social network, you will need to click on the three horizontal lines (they appear in the upper right corner). Go to the bottom of the menu and click on “Settings and Privacy”. A submenu will be displayed with more options, enter the one that says “Setting”.

You can disconnect your Facebook account on Tinder without suffering any repercussions.

Go to the “Permissions” section and then click on “Applications and websites”. Access to the options “Tinder”. And, as the last step, click on the button “Eliminate” which is to the right of the option called “Friends List”. Hide the Tinder app on your phone

Despite the fact that almost no Android terminals allow you to hide the installed applications, there is a completely free tool that has the ability to hide the icon of any application.

It is called “Hyde Launcher” and you can download it on any Android phone. If you have already installed it, you need to follow all these steps to hide the tinder app in your terminal.

There are several “launchers” for Android that allow you to hide apps.

open the application “Hyde Launcher”. Click on the light blue option that says “Always”. Select “Hyde Launcher” and then click “Make Default”.

To see the hidden apps, you need to double tap on the screen of your mobile.

Select the Tinder app to be able to hide it on your phone. Press the eye icon so it hides properly. Once it’s hidden, you need to double-click the screen of your phone, then enter the unlock pattern to see the Tinder icon again.

Without anything more to add in this regard, it is extremely important to inform you that there is no app that automatically activates the hidden mode in Tinder. That being said, we advise you not to download and install it because the only thing you will get is to get scammed (they will steal your data and Tinder account).

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