iOS 16.2 Top 5 Best New Features For Your iPhone

iOS 16.2 Top 5 Best New Features For Your iPhone

As long as iPhone exists, Apple will continue to work to make it better in all aspects. Apple wants to make sure that the iPhone is at its optimum performance level at all times. Every new major update from Apple comes with something new. Apple released the Beta version of the iOS 16.2 a few weeks ago. Finally the official stable version is out.

This version cuts over as long as new features go on. From security, efficiency, stabilization fun, and many more. If you haven’t received this new update via OTA prompt, you can check from your phone settings. If you can’t see the command in the settings, you may have to wait for a few days. The update was just released a few days ago.

One thing about software update is that most people like to update their devices to the latest versions and that’s it. Most people don’t really take advantage of the new features these updates come with. Majority of users don’t even know what features came with the new update.

In most cases, many users may have to accidentally come across new features before they become aware of such features. As a writer and tech enthusiast, it is my duty to know these features, how they work and let the users know about them and how to enjoy the new features.

So, that is exactly what this article is about. The iOS 16.2 comes with many new features that will make your iPhone more user-friendly and more secure. After going through all the new features, we compiled five of them. These five new features are the most useful features you can get from the iOS 16.2. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Features of the iOS 16.2

  1. Always on Display iOS 16.2

Apple is a company that always wants to do everything differently than the rest. Always on Display is a feature that has been on Android smartphones for years. This feature is not supported on smartphones that use LCD displays, so one can forgive Apple for delaying this feature. This is because iPhones have always used LCD screens until 2017.

The first iPhone to use an OLED display was the iPhone X released in 2017. This means that Apple could have brought this feature in 2017 as it was already in the system. The Samsung S8 series was also launched in 2017 with the Always On Display feature that already exists on older Samsung smartphones.

Due to some reasons that only Apple can explain, they had to delay this feature until this year when they launched the iPhone 14 series. Even after implementing the Always On Display feature, the Cupertino company still decided to follow its usual culture. Let’s do it differently like we always do.

Most iPhone users have grown tired of Apple’s always on display

As much as Apple’s Always On Display feature was noticeable and different from what we have on Android devices, many users still didn’t really like it. That’s because Apple’s version of Always on Display just dims the iPhone’s screen.

Even though it only consumed about 1% of the battery, the feeling of always looking at your phone’s screen is not satisfying enough. Because of this, most users had to turn it off after using it for a few days.

Apple listened to users’ complaints

Finally, Apple has responded to the discomfort of most users using the Always On Display feature. Some users liked it, but others didn’t. So, Apple had to satisfy every user through the next update. Thanks to the iOS 16.2 update, users have the option to turn off the background and notifications when using the Always On Display feature.

This will leave your screen completely off, showing only the time and date. Just like what we have on Android devices. To set up the new Always On Display feature, go to Settings on your iPhone. Navigate to Display and Brightness, scroll to Always on Display. Here you now have the option to toggle notifications and wallpaper for Always on Display on and off.

2. Apple Music Sing
iOS 16.2

A few weeks ago, we reported that Apple would bring the Apple Music Sing feature in December. Here we are in December and the Apple Music Sing is finally here. Apple wants you to enjoy music on your iPhone in a completely different experience.

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The Apple Music Sing allows you to sing along to music that is playing in your Music app. There is a new microphone icon at the bottom right of the Music app. tapping on it will enable or disable the Apple Music Sing.

You can even slide up or down on the microphone button to increase or decrease the voice of the artist so you can adjust your voice.

To make it even easier and more fun, there is now a live lyrics feature. This feature highlights the lyrics of the song as it plays so you can follow along properly.

The live lyrics are even intelligent enough to show lyrics from a featured artist on the left side of the screen. You can now try your own singing skills and share them with friends on social media.

3. Advanced Data ProtectioniOS 16.2

Data protection has been Apple’s hallmark for years now and they are constantly improving on it. The iOS 16.2 brings a new feature called Advance Data Protection. This feature helps you protect your data in your iCloud account so that even Apple can’t read it.

With this you can set your own encryption key to keep your data safe. So, even if someone can log into your iCloud account, they still can’t access your personal data.

Apple allows you to use two different recovery methods. You can use any of your trusted contacts as your recovery key first if you’re not too good at memorizing passwords. You can also use a 28-character recovery key to protect your iCloud data.

To set up Advanced Data Recovery on your device, open the Settings app, tap your iCloud account name at the top, and scroll to the bottom. You will find the Advanced Data Protection at the bottom, tap on it and follow the steps to set it up.

4. Free form iOS 16.2 free form

After updating your iPhone to iOS 16.2, you will find a new system app on your phone. The application goes by the name Free Form. It is a very good productivity tool for a group of workers.

The Free Form app helps you collaborate on the same project with another iOS or iPadOS user. The other user does not need to be closer to you. Wherever they are, they can see whatever you’re doing in the Free Form app, and you can also see what they’re doing live.

It even works with FaceTime. You can easily start a Free Form project with someone you’re on a FaceTime call with.

5G connectivity in India 5G in India

India happens to be one of the latest countries to get 5G connectivity. Before getting 5G, all iPhones shipped to India were limited to 4G connectivity. Internally, the phones have 5G modems in them, but Apple limited them to 4G because there was no 5G in India.

Now that 5G networks have started rolling out in India, Apple has decided to join the trend by pushing 5G connectivity to iPhones in India via the iOS 16.2.

So that’s it. These are the top 5 highlighted features of the iOS 16.2. Which of these features is your favorite?

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