iOS 16 Adoption Rate Hits Close to 69% for iPhones

iOS 16 Adoption Rate Hits Close to 69% for iPhones

Reports suggest that more users are quick to adopt the iOS 16 update as the latest data shows that iOS is surpassing Android in terms of users adopting the latest and greatest software.

According to data from Mixpanel, iOS 16 is now on 68.95% of iPhones. Released in September, the new iOS brings a host of new features to iPhone users.

iOS 16 adoption rates hit nearly 69% for iPhones

Reports suggest that iOS 16 adoption continues to grow as users look to get the new features that arrived with the update. Seen through 9 to 5 Macreports from the company Mixpanel, a third-party analysis company, state that iOS 16 is now on 68.95% of iPhones.

Currently, 24.78% of all iPhones are running iOS 15, while 6.27% of all iPhones are running something earlier. Sources also note that while Apple does track and provide its own analytics regarding iOS adoption, the company has yet to release information on the latest iOS adoption figures.

As for Android, the report notes that while Android 13 is the latest update, estimates suggest that 27% of devices are currently running Android 11. On the other hand, Android 12, a year-old operating system, is still on 13.3% of devices. Natural, 9 to 5 Mac note that Google no longer publishes its numbers through its Android Studio developer tool.

Check out the features

Considering that iOS 16 delivers a wealth of new features to users, it’s no surprise that many are eager to take advantage of the latest rounds of updates. In addition to the new lock screen, iOS 16 also brought the ability to unsend iMessages and emails, a full-screen music player, order tracking through the Wallet app, and more.

In addition, if 9 to 5 Mac observers, Apple is now allowing users to stay on older versions of iOS while still receiving security updates. For example, with the release of iOS 16, Apple promoted the installation of iOS 15.7.

Of course, iOS 16.2 is also coming later in the month, bringing new features to iPhone users as well. The latest iOS will bring 5G to India, and the Health app is also getting a new Lock Screen widget. Of course, the new Apple Music Sing feature is also set to arrive with the latest update. Apple is also releasing the collaborative tool Freeform through the update.

Reports suggest that the new iOS 16.2 update will be released next week, probably December 12.

Of course, users can always see if an update is available by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update.

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