Move to iOS WhatsApp Not WhatsApp/Showing? Solution Here!

Move to iOS WhatsApp Not WhatsApp/Showing? Solution Here!

WhatsApp is the most essential and popular instant messaging service available for both Android and iOS systems. However, transferring data, such as media files and messages, to iOS can be a nightmare. The reason is the close integration of the iOS system. Recently, Apple launched an app called “Move to iOS” to make switching easier. But it is unreliable, and many users complain about the move to iOS WhatsApp not working as they face various runtime errors. This article will discuss solutions to solve your problem.

Part 1: What is Move to iOS for WhatsApp transfer?

Apple’s Android app for WhatsApp transfer is called Move to iOS. This app can help with the automatic and secure migration of your content between Android and iPhone. You can use this app to transfer:

  • Contacts
  • Email accounts
  • WhatsApp content
  • Message history
  • Calendar
  • Camera photos and videos

Many users have reported runtime errors while transferring data. Additionally, the app requires certain requirements to be met for the successful transfer of WhatsApp content from Android to iPhone. Some of the requirements are the following:

  • Make sure your device is factory reset before transferring
  • Both devices must be connected to a power source
  • Make sure you use the same mobile number on both devices for WhatsApp
  • You must connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi

Part 2: Why move to iOS not working/showing for WhatsApp?

There could be several reasons why your move to iOS WhatsApp doesn’t show to transfer files. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. If your Android system does not have the latest firmware. You need to update your Android phone and keep Android OS Lollipop, Android 5, SDK 21 or higher.
  2. You must have an updated iOS system of at least 15.5 or higher.
  3. Update your WhatsApp to the latest version available.
  4. Connect both your devices to the same network.
  5. Consider connecting both devices to a power source.

Part 3: Best alternative to fix WhatsApp Move to iOS not working/not showing.

If you move to iOS and WhatsApp stops working, you can try other reliable methods to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. The most famous alternative method is Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer. With this software, you can transfer WhatsApp from Android to the latest iPhone 14 with one click. There is no need to perform a factory reset. The best thing is its speed, which is faster than the move to iOS method.


  • Easily transfer WhatsApp without wiping device data
  • Require only one click to restore GB WhatsApp
  • 100% success rate
  • Compatible with Mac and all versions of Windows


  • It is not free and you have to buy the license
  • Premium features are not available in the free version

Enough teasers. It’s time to talk about how to exchange data between iPhone and Android with Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer,

Step 1: Install the Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer application on your computer. Then connect both devices (Android and iPhone) to your computer.

step ui01 2 scaled

Step 2: At the bottom, you can see the “Transfer” button, and then click “Continue” on the warning message.

confirmed to overwrite Android 2

Step 3: Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and go to Settings. Then click Chat > ​​Chat Backup. After that, create a new backup.

create backup on android 2

Step 4: Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer will start to collect WhatsApp content from Android device.

get whatsapp data from android

Step 5: Now select the attachments you want to transfer. Keep in mind, the attachments that are not selected will not be transferred from Android to the target device.

select data android to android 2

Step 6: After completing the process, your data is now transferred to your new iPhone.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iOS successfully 2

Part 4: Concluding Remarks

WhatsApp, the most famous messaging app, has rolled out the “move to iOS” feature to transfer data between iPhone and Android. However, most users report that WhatsApp has stopped working after switching to iOS. Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer is the alternative way to transfer WhatsApp files without data loss in just one click. You can use this software without any restrictions by using the steps mentioned in the article. So don’t waste and download Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer to move your chats between iPhone and Android in no time.

Hot FAQs about moving to iOS.

  1. Why is my transfer from Android to iPhone stuck at 1 minute?

The main reason why you have the problem of move to ios fixed at 1 minute is your low battery. Charge your phone’s battery until it’s full. Make sure to charge your device more often as this can solve various problems. Connect your devices to power sources.

  1. How do I fix the transfer error from Move to iOS?

If you are facing move to iOS transfer error, use the tips mentioned below.

Tip 1: Restart your device first.

Tip 2: Then check the network connection.

Tip 3: Also disable the Smart Network Turn off the Android device

Tip 4: Enable airplane mode

Tip 5: Do not use or turn off your devices during the process.

  1. What to do if Move to iOS gets stuck?

If the move to ios is stuck on the preparation, then use these methods to solve the problem.

  1. Keep both devices close enough to avoid any inconvenience
  2. Disable Airplane Mode on your Android device
  3. Check for network connectivity on both devices
  4. Connect both devices to a power source
  5. Now, reboot both phones
  6. Is there a faster way to transfer Android to iPhone?

Want to know the fastest way to transfer data between an iPhone and an Android? The move to the iOS app is the answer. This is the easiest and most simple way to transfer most files. But if you are stuck with “Move to iOS,” go for Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer. It is the safest and fastest software to transfer data between devices.

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