New features in the latest Ventura update | News, Sports, Jobs

New features in the latest Ventura update | News, Sports, Jobs

In the new Ventura update, some cool things have been added to Messages. I don’t use FaceTime a lot to make a video call to someone, but I do use Messages to text all my friends.

In Ventura on your Mac, clicking the camera icon takes you immediately to FaceTime. Instead of continuing to type out your text, you can view your friends and video chat with them.

By clicking on the Apple in the top left, you’ll expect to go to System Preferences. This is now called System Settings, and it looks almost like the iPhone System Settings. Why they changed the name baffles me.

With the Ventura system, you can now delete multiple conversations in the Messages app by using the shift key, selecting a bunch with your mouse, and then clicking on one or two to delete them. Previously, you had to choose one at a time.

With the new Clock App, you can ask Siri to start a timer. Stage Manager is a new feature in Ventura that takes all your open programs and aligns them on the left side of the screen.

So, let’s say you have Mail, Safari and Pages open. They will appear on the left, and clicking on one will bring it to the center of the screen.

To activate it, click at the top of the screen with the icon that looks like two batteries on top of each other, then click Stage Manager. I tried it and went back to my original desktop.

In FaceTime is an option called Continuity Camera that uses the iPhone as a webcam.

Select Switch Cameras in the FaceTime setting. This can come in handy when you’re watching a video and a strange sign appears in French.

You can pause the video and take a screenshot, which places it in your photo album. Now open Photos, select the photo, take your mouse and highlight the text, then select Translate. So, you forgot your Wi-Fi password. Well, don’t panic – Ventura will not only show your router’s password, but all the ones listed.

Go to System Settings, click on Wi-Fi, and a list of all the known networks will appear. On the right is a circle with three dots in it. Right-click on it and select Copy Password. Now open the Text Edit application or the Notes application, right-click and select Paste. It shows the password for that router.

In a pinch, if your router goes down, you can use one nearby until yours comes back up.

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