New RAIN RFID Loop Tag for Jewelers From SimplyRFiD Raises the Standard for Inventory

New RAIN RFID Loop Tag for Jewelers From SimplyRFiD Raises the Standard for Inventory

SimplyRFiD’s JT jewelry loop tag has been the standard for two years. The new JT-S loop jewelry RAIN RFID tag is 50% lower in price and 20% better performance by using the latest NXP uCode9 chips. The JT-S is available for pre-order at 15c each for 1,000 pre-programmed (versus 40c for the JT).

/EIN News/ — DALLAS, Dec. 09. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “We’ve been working to reduce the reasons not to use RFID,” said Carl Brown, president of SimplyRFiD. “There are 10,000 independent jewelers in the US looking for a way to manage precious metals and jewelry. Our Wave App is a hit and saves the weekend when it comes to tracking down misplaced items on a Friday night.”

Getting started with modern inventory

1. Tag your items with a JT loop or TR-800 sticker RFID tag.

A loop price tag is a common look for jewelry that uses barcode price tags. The JT-S Loop RFID Jewelry Tag (Available: January 2023 / Pre-Order Now) is designed to be a replacement for the legacy tag.

2. Take Inventory in seconds with the SimplyRFiD Wave Inventory App

Wave will immediately tell you what was found and what wasn’t. A typical store of 2,000-3,000 items takes 5 minutes to stock.

SimplyRFiD also publishes a how-to guide for jewelers to get started with RFID and a comprehensive guide on best practices when creating a modern inventory system.

The results

Leading retailers began rolling out RAIN RFID more than ten years ago. It took a lot of experimentation to figure out what worked, but the results are in and they are dramatic.

“SimplyRFiD’s Wave App customers are seeing accuracy above 99% versus 85% accuracy with barcodes,” said Eric Richmond, vice president of delivery for SimplyRFiD. “Daily inventory with RFID stops permanent inventory losses before it’s too late.”

This Holiday

SimplyRFiD offers 1,000 pre-programmed jewelry RFID tags with any new system that includes an RFID handheld device and the Wave software. Offer is valid on orders confirmed before 31 Dec 2022. Name: JEWELRYTAGS22

About SimplyRFiD

SimplyRFiD’s Wave Inventory System is a turnkey iOS app that connects to an RFID handheld device. A well-equipped SimplyRFID Wave inventory control hardware and software startup package costs about $2,500. After the first year, it’s $995/year or about $3/day for unlimited, world-class support and upgrades.

A single Wave handheld can inventory a jewelry store of 1,000 items in about 1 minute.

Reach out to SimplyRFiD at [email protected] for a complimentary game plan analysis for converting from barcodes to RFID.

See it live at the NRF Big Show 2023

SimplyRFiD will be at the National Retail Federation Big Show in NYC January 15-17 — booth #4246! Stop by and try our Wave or contact us if you are located in NYC for a personal demo.

Contact information:
William Montalbo
Vice President, Marketing
[email protected]
+1 703.343.1689

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