Smoke. The best Android and iOS apps to motivate you

Smoke. The best Android and iOS apps to motivate you

Do you want to quit smoking? Here is a selection of the best programs to help you say no to cigarettes.

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Tobacco is illegal and we will all get over it. It is clear that quitting smoking can only bring you benefits. If the decision is easy to make, not a relapse, is a different story. For me there are also Android smartphones, and the iPhone (iOS). Here is a small selection from us.

Tobacco Information Service: The Government’s report on the scheme.

I started this selection with the Tabac Info Service because it is the government’s application to help the French people to stop smoking. It has many advantages. The obvious one is that it’s free. The app’s content is somewhat classic with a daily log showing the benefits of quitting smoking and the savings you have.

You can personalize your profile by specifying whether you have already quit smoking for a week, if you have a condition or for those around you who smoke well. A test varies depending on this one. It really works to motivate yourself to quit.

Flamy is the best Android app.

When it comes to smoking, but only on Android, Flamy is easily the most complete and fun app. The interface is sober and full of very small animations, which make the whole thing very lively. There are various functions, such as health and financial goals, depending on the number of cigarettes smoked before leaving.

It also offers many popular features, such as mini-games to calm your mind and help you eliminate the need for motivation cards, or even a betting system with friends (which can encourage you to stop for a few days). Some of these features are hidden out of the box, but can be unlocked with the Pro version. You are a simple buyer and your own business buys a premium amount of 13.49 euros.

Let’s decide: simplicity and community.

QuitNow is one of the best ways to quit smoking. When you start the application, you ask yourself when you quit your last cigarette, how many cigarettes you smoked every day and how much and how much they paid for your packs. The amount of cigarettes you avoided and money saved and the time it took to recover is correlated with your life expectancy. No account to create or anything else to complete.

There are several goals to achieve that can help you progress. Five unsmoked cigarettes, one day without smoking, 10 euros saved us, etc. This is a great way to help you quit smoking. And if you get drunk, you can turn to the public page for a first time session.

We play at the same time.

Quit is one of the reference applications for people who are considering a decision to quit smoking. But it is necessary to create an account (creation in the application or via Facebook). With its fun side, its striking design and its many levels to achieve, it gives you a realistic view of the savings created when you don’t smoke or the number of packs he hasn’t smoked. Only cons: some very practical features require a premium subscription.

Smoking is free: a comprehensive and scientific study.

Being smoke-free is rich in other benefits. The interface is supposed to be smooth and simple, and readable, while the software is packed with information that will help you better understand the scope of your mission: to quit smoking. Note that your account must be related to your email address, first created like Facebook or Google. This application will ask you how much you buy a bunch of cigarettes, how much they cost, how much you spend to buy a pack, your smoking, your actual frequency, the time of time you get to smoke the first cigarette after you wake up and the time you leave.

That information, the mobile software displays a complete dashboard: your time spent without smoking via a timer, the money saved (per day, week, month and year) that updates automatically, improvement of your condition, including time spent, all the time you give your life a boost. Achievements can also be unlocked, while providing activities to keep your mind occupied. A third of the handy dollars are in money. Next, a technique will allow science to erode the addiction.

Before you take care of yourself, be prepared to go back to sports or jogging!

This is our first step. We can read their articles, or their downloads, and watch the latest video from YouTube.

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