Sofa 3.4: List Sharing, Shortcuts Actions, Lock Screen Widgets, and More

Sofa 3.4: List Sharing, Shortcuts Actions, Lock Screen Widgets, and More

Shawn Hickman is back with another excellent update to Sofa, the downtime/media organization app for iPhone and iPad that we’ve covered several times on MacStories. Sofa remains my favorite one-stop app for managing lists of media I don’t want to forget to enjoy later. The app supports TV shows, movies, books, audiobooks, video games, music, podcasts, board games, and apps, making it the most comprehensive media organizer I’ve ever used. However, what makes Sofa special is its design and extensive customization options, which is why it was the runner-up for Best App Update in last year’s MacStories Selects Awards.

What I appreciate most about version 3.4 of Sofa is that it extends the app beyond its existing boundaries with list sharing and new shortcut support. Rounding out the update, Sofa also adds Lock Screen widget support and TV and movie provider details for Super Sofa subscribers. This is an excellent set of new features for an app that I already consider one of the best in its category.

The marquee addition to Sofa 3.9 is Shared Lists, which is a beta feature that takes advantage of Apple’s latest collaboration features. There’s a new share button in the toolbar at the top of each of your media lists. Tap it, choose someone to share your list with, and Sofa generates an iCloud link inviting them to join your list. As the owner of the list, you have full control over your collaborators’ access to the list, whether they can edit it, and other options. The lists you share will also include a share icon in the corner of the list’s tile when someone joins a list, so you know it’s been shared.

List sharing is going to be a big deal for any shared media experience between family members and friends, whether it’s for movie or game night, a book club, or simply a way to share media recommendations. In my testing, the feature worked well on the released versions of iOS and iPadOS, but not when using the 16.2 beta versions of iOS and iPadOS. Hopefully whatever is causing the problem will be cleared up soon, as I expect we’ll get iOS and iPadOS 16.2 next week.

Sofa has also added new shortcut actions. The app already included Siri Shortcuts support, but with the new actions there are many more options than before. Sofa’s actions include:

  • Search Activity Item
  • Find list
  • Find Item
  • Open Activity Item
  • Open list
  • Open list item

Each of the find actions uses predicate filtering to enable searches by parameters such as title, item type, date added, and sticky note. Results can be sorted, and the number of results returned can also be limited. The granular filtering and sorting are exactly the kind of actions I’d like to see from an app like Sofa, because they enable such a wide variety of shortcuts.

Sofa’s lock screen widgets are similar to its home screen widgets. There are lockscreen widgets for both the shelf and lists. The circular, rectangular, and inline text variants of the widgets each open either the shelf or the list of media you selected in the widget’s layout view. However, only the rectangular and inline text versions contain the number of items on the shelf or in your list as well as the Bank icon and name of the list.

Finally, Super Sofa subscribers will also see a list of services on which they can watch the TV shows and movies on their lists. The suppliers are listed at the end of an item’s detail screen and are powered by JustWatch.

Sofa 3.4 is an excellent update. List sharing rounds out the app’s feature set nicely, and automation fans will appreciate the fine-grained queries they can run against their media logs. As I’ve said before, if you’re looking for a single app to organize and manage your media lists in one that’s tailored to how you consume your media, you can’t go wrong with Sofa.

Sofa 3.4 is available as a free update in the App Store. Sofa’s TV show and movie provider data requires a Super Sofa subscription, which costs $3.99/month or $34.99/year for individuals and $5.99/month or $59.99/year for a Family Sharing plan that can be shared with up to five people.

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