The best way to enter the Android Auto beta even if it appears complete

The best way to enter the Android Auto beta even if it appears complete

Want to join the Android Auto experimental program and can’t sign up from Google Play? Currently, the betas of this application are complete, but there are frequent gaps that are quickly filling. And there are a few ways to access the Android Auto beta, we explain the processes in case you’ve been trying to get in for a long time without success.

Entering the Android Auto beta has become a challenge for many of the users of this infotainment platform, not for nothing, it offers one of the few guarantees to try options as soon as possible like coolwalk. Exactly, the beta opens the door to the news of the service, both for downloading the application itself and for the benefit that Google includes the user account in the Android Auto tests. Therefore, getting access to the beta is a huge advantage.

Entering the Android Auto beta promotes the news

Not that there is much benefit to being part of the test group, Android Auto is not characterized by constant changes to its users. Even so, it is the beta users who got access to news like Coolwalk, it shows that the beta has some advantages, so it is not surprising that it always seems complete.

To access the Android Auto beta, you can enter your Google Play Store listing and scroll down to the testing section. You probably always see it fully, it can be desperate. And there is a way to manually check if there are slots available:

Load a web browser, either mobile or computer. Enter at this web address to access the Android Auto beta. Sign in with your Google account. If you were lucky that there was a free space, click on «become a tester» and you will be in the Android Auto beta (or «Become a tester» if it appears in Spanish). If not, you will have to keep reloading the page until it happens that holes are emptied.

It is very difficult to find a place in the beta the first time, the only way is to repeat the process continuously until it happens to appear available. Google adds more spaces to its experimental Android Auto program from time to time, always by drops and by surprise (there are also some users who abandon the program). In order not to abuse F5 in vain, there is a very simple way to automate the process.

Automate the process to access the Android Auto beta

For the following steps, you need a computer and a web browser, preferably Google Chrome (or another Chromium-based browser). After that, we will use an extension to refresh the Android Auto beta page to access the experimental program: Auto RefreshPlus. It is a perfect application for our purpose.

Open Google Chrome on your computer and install the Auto RefreshPlus extension. Once installed, go to the Android Auto beta page and sign in with your Google account. Click on the Auto Refresh Plus extension. Set «5 seconds» in the time interval selector and select «forced update».

Go to the “Page Monitor” tab and type “become a tester” in the text box (or “become a tester” if the text of the web appears in Spanish). Press enter. Check “Auto Click Link” in the Auto Click section and click the top “Start” button.

Auto Refresh Plus will be in charge of updating the Android Auto page looking for the “Become a Tester” button (or “Become a Tester”), this is what will allow you to enter the beta. Since the extension itself will take care of clicking the button when it appears, you’ll be officially in the Android beta when that happens. And it’s only a matter of time: leave the computer on until you gain access.

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