Top 3 amazing new features of the MIUI 14 system

Top 3 amazing new features of the MIUI 14 system

Chinese brand, Xiaomi, is holding a new product launch conference at 19:00 on December 11. At this event, the company will officially unveil the Xiaomi 13 series as well as its new Android skin, MIUI 14. The new Xiaomi 13 series will be the first flagship phones to come with the MIUI 14 system. While this new system brings several upgrades, some are just great and stand out. Below are the top 3 amazing features that the MIUI 14 system will bring

MIUI 14 top features

1. MIUI 14 photon engine

Xiaomi introduced the photon engine to help speed up third-party apps. Any application you download from any source can be much faster with the new MIUI 14 system. The photon engine optimizes deep into the Linux kernel and brings an unmatched smooth experience to MIUI users. An official poster unveiling the MIUI 14 photon engine reveals that third-party apps can increase in fluency by 88%. Furthermore, the feature will also reduce power consumption of applications by as much as 16%. It will be good to feel the changes that this new feature will bring. We can also easily compare the speed of apps on a Xiaomi phone with MIUI 14 and one without it.


The head of MIUI development, Jia Fan, claims that MIUI 14 will have four main features. This system will come with less pre-installed programs. It will also bring more practical features as well as a new design. The system will also be more stable with a smooth experience. The Chinese company also released the official logo for MIUI 14. This logo comes with the slogan, “Forge new life”.

2. Ultra-pure system

A very decent and perhaps the most attractive feature of the MIUI 14 system is the new “ultra-pure system”. Xiaomi considers this system “ultra pure” because it comes with the best minimum firmware. It also uses small memory and pre-installs the fewest apps. According to reports, users can delete all the internal applications, leaving only eight (8). Only very relevant apps like phone calls, test messages, clocks and app store can stay on the phone. It can make the mobile phone very light and smooth.


The ultra-pure system starts with the stripping of the system firmware. In the past 12 years, MIUI has upgraded the Android system and the firmware has grown. This time it breaks the natural expansion of the system. The more the system takes in, the heavier it gets. What about users who don’t need some of the features? For this reason, MIUI decides to make the system free and its weight has been reduced by 23% compared to the previous version.

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Freeing up the system also means reducing the memory requirements. Users can tightly control memory usage of system applications and services. This will also free up the boot memory as much as possible. According to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, users now have the right to choose which app stays on their devices. Apart from the eight necessary apps, all other pre-installed apps can be deleted.

3. Changeable icons

Another very good feature of the MIUI 14 system is its support for variable size icons. The desktop icons you’re most familiar with can be bigger and better. The new size makes the desktop layout more colorful. MIUI 14 is reported to support customizable new icons and widgets. The system will also bring large folders.

So, users who always wanted fewer but bigger icons on their desktops can now have them. In simple terms, MIUI 14 gives users a lot of options. In addition, MIUI 14 also supports flower pet decorations. Here is the video to see what this feature looks like.


MIUI 14 early adopter activity started in November

Right now, some MIUI users already have this new system. MIUI 14 early adopter program started at the end of November 28. This early user activity will end on December 28th, a period of one month. Xiaomi community users can sign up to participate in the MIUI 14 early adopter plan during the event. However, it is relevant to note that the opportunity is limited to one Xiaomi device per user. This includes but is not limited to mobile phones and tablets for registration. After successful registration it cannot be replaced/cancelled. Be sure to confirm the device information when registering.

As for the form of the event, Xiaomi officials will give users the opportunity to unlock based on the data checked by the user’s history. Users can unlock the event page during the event period to obtain experience qualifications or other rewards.

Users who have obtained the MIUI 14 dev version experience qualification and the Mijia 8.0 public beta experience qualification can go to “Xiaomi Community-My-My Internal Test” to see the participating internal tests and learn how to experience them. In addition, after achieving the MIUI 14 development version experience qualification, you need to wait for the release and printing. However, it is relevant to note that the release of the system will be in batches. This means that all models will not get the push at the same time.

According to a report from MyDrivers, MIUI 14 may not include ads. The company wants to make the system attractive to users. The source claims that MIUI 14 will emphasize getting rid of bloatware and pre-installed apps. Xiaomi has already done a lot of work in this regard in MIUI 13. We will have to keep our fingers crossed and see what this new system will offer. However, things are looking good for MIUI 14 at the moment.

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