Where to buy Antivirus software

The best antivirus deals from the Mr. Key Shop, plus what software we recommend for you.

Updated: 19 December 2022 17:09

Where to buy antivirus software

If you are looking for where to buy Antivirus software, and the right antivirus software for you, then look no further than this handy guide! Mr Key Shop offers the best deals on antivirus subscriptions you’ll find anywhere on the web, as well as deals on VPNs. Read on for more information.

Free Antivirus vs Paid Antivirus Software: Which One to Choose?

Although you can get free antivirus protection from several major brands, the protection and features they offer are no match for the security conscious. With antivirus offerings from Mr Key Shop, the relatively minimal hit to your wallet means that buying the real deal is definitely worth the money, given the downside risk if you do get malware / a computer virus on your device and the enormous damage what it can do.

Is it worth buying antivirus software?

It is definitely worth buying original antivirus software rather than pirating it, because the most important thing you want with an antivirus is that it is regularly updated with the latest data from the developer, so that your system is as safe as possible. as possible against the latest viruses. .

Periodic updates provided by the manufacturer allow you to quickly fix zero-day leaks and keep the devices operational and secure, and without them you may be much less protected than you think you are.

Best antivirus 2022: the definitive ranking

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (was £29.99 now £16.99) is our top choice for the best antivirus in 2022. It secures the first place because, apart from the standard functions to defend your computer against viruses and malware, it also comes with additional features such as: improved security for online transactions and bank transfers, secure password management, and active Do Not Track functionality, to name just a few. It all comes at a reasonable price too.

    If you’re also looking for a VPN (more on this below), you can also opt for the Bitdefender Total Security package (was £79.99 now £29.99), which bundles the antivirus software with Bitdefender VPN.

  2. Norton 360 Standard (was £74.99 now £19.99) is one of the more expensive options on this list, and that’s even more the case if you opt for the Norton 360 Premium (was £104.99 now £34.99), but if you don’t mind paying a bit more not (and the Mr. Key discount makes it much more attractive), then you’ll get the best protection when it comes to protection against dodgy websites, as well as the usual virus detection and firewall features. The full Norton 360 Deluxe (was £94.99 now £24.99) also gives you ‘Dark Web Monitoring’ enhanced parental controls, and most importantly, a VPN (more on this below).
  3. Avast Premium Security (was £44.99 now £14.99) has excellent performance in detecting viruses and maintaining a strong firewall. It offers some cross-platform functionality, although it is limited oniOS/macOS systems. However, on Windows or Android it really comes into its own.
  4. Kaspersky Anti-Virus (was £39.99 now £20.99) is somewhat of a controversial choice. The Russian company has for some time reflected on possible security risks that it could open up in relation to the Russian government / security services, and this has recently increased significantly, given the war in Ukraine. If you live in a non-Western country, this might not deter you, and otherwise it’s a very solid choice, but for those who do, we’ll probably miss out.

Should you buy antivirus software for Windows 10 or 11?

Both Windows 10 and the latest Windows 11 come with Windows Security built in, which will provide you with basic antivirus and firewall protection (as long as you keep them updated). However, in the constant arms race that is virus-versus-versus-protection, dedicated third-party antivirus software will protect you better than Windows Security could ever hope to, if not for the added online transaction security and protection against malicious websites they provide. cannot offer.

For the security conscious, getting dedicated antivirus software at a cheap price (with the Mr Key Shop discount) is a small price to pay compared to the potential damage a virus can cause.

Best antivirus software for Windows

Our main Best Antivirus 2022 list doubles as our Best Antivirus for Windows list, so read above if you want the full info. Below is a reminder of our top 3 picks (you can also find the more premium versions / VPN package bundles of this software here):

Best antivirus software for Mac

Our top two picks for the best antivirus software for Mac are the same as our top picks above, but the version of the software you need to buy and download is Mac-specific. See below for the best antivirus for Mac currently on the market.

Best antivirus software for Android

Surprise, surprise, the best antivirus software for Android is very much the same as the best antivirus software in general. See below for the Android-specific versions of the software.

Best antivirus software for iPhone and iPad

Again, Norton makes an appearance as the best antivirus software for iPhone and iPad. Other than that though, we get an additional entry from AVAST in second place.

Best VPN

These days, the VPN is an important part of the security-conscious individuals arsenal. Using a VPN is especially recommended when connecting to public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks, to encrypt transmitted data and protect your identity.

If you want to buy antivirus as well as a VPN, you might want to consider one of the above bundles that bundle it with an antivirus, such as the Bitdefender Total Security (was now £79.99 £29.99) or Norton 360 Deluxe (was £94.99 now £24.99) packages.
However, if you’re looking for a dedicated GPU, for our money, NordVPN (£29.99), besides being probably the most famous name, is one of the best on the market. With speeds of 350 Mbps, it’s a great choice for gamers (as well as everyone else) and is backed by 5,000 servers in 59 countries, meaning maximum connectivity and regional options to choose from.

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