H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum’s RAM Investment announces ‘AI City Dubai’ Vision

H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum’s RAM Investment announces ‘AI City Dubai’ Vision

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum announced a partnership with Europe’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) venture studio and ecosystem Merantix to conceptualize AI City, a proposed free zone in Dubai where impactful AI solutions are pioneered and will be implemented. and scaled down.

AI City will be a global AI hub, powered by smart city infrastructure that connects AI research institutions and talent with leading homegrown and global startups, corporations and investors. The project will work closely with universities to attract, train and upskill talent. Building a free zone will create a regulatory sandbox environment that will house world-leading computing infrastructure (HPC Clusters) and data centers, enabling rapid stress testing of large-scale revolutionary and safety-critical AI concepts. It will house innovation labs, research institutes and co-working communities for all stakeholders to connect and collaborate and will be open to the public to raise awareness and showcase the positive impact of AI.

Merantix is ​​Europe’s leading AI startup studio and ecosystem, incubating and investing in AI-first companies, building solutions and conducting leading AI research through their solution provider ‘Merantix Momentum’, as well as building Europe’s largest physical AI -community center, the Merantix AI Campus Berlin. Co-founder Dr. Rasmus Rothe is also a founding board member of the German AI Association and was part of the design and implementation of the national AI strategy through an ongoing collaboration with regulators in Germany and at European level regarding the EU Artificial Intelligence Act. By bringing together all relevant stakeholders, Merantix is ​​the best partner for this visionary project. AI City will also strengthen the connection and cooperation on AI between the UAE, Germany and Europe.

HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum: “AI City will not only be the catalyst for great new products and solutions to global issues built here in Dubai, but it will also be a great place to bring AI closer to our society With AI City, we want to make this technology more accessible, grow the public understanding of Artificial Intelligence and get more people involved.”

AI City will be a key building block and enabler for the UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031. By replicating the proven model of Dubai’s free zones, this project will accelerate Dubai’s trajectory to become a world leader in AI, strengthening Dubai as ‘ a leading hub for top talent and attracting global investment. AI City will be a crucial lever to stress-test impact-driven AI initiatives and accelerate positive and ethical AI adoption across industries in the UAE and globally, at a time when governments around the world are working on regulatory frameworks to drive AI adoption drive.

Dr. Rasmus Rothe: “With AI City we can build a strong bridge from Germany and Europe to the UAE. We need more collaboration to really drive AI adoption, because only if we get all stakeholders to work together can we bridge the gap between research and practice. I look forward to building a global AI lighthouse in Dubai.”

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About Merantix

Merantix (https://www.merantix.com) is the world’s first enterprise artificial intelligence studio. Building AI startups across industries from scratch in collaboration with partners such as technology investor SoftBank, Merantix pioneers the transfer of AI research to real-world applications and has an ecosystem of AI Community Centers (Merantix AI Campus Berlin) and AI Research and development building (Merantix Momentum). Main investors of Merantix are SoftBank, Trusted Insight, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the WK Kellogg Foundation and several European family offices. Merantix was founded by Adrian Locher (CEO), a Swiss serial entrepreneur and investor, and Dr. Rasmus Rothe (CTO), an internationally known AI and computer vision expert from Germany, with a master’s degree from Oxford and Princeton and a PhD in artificial intelligence from ETH Zurich, who also founded the German AI Association.

About RAM Investment

Chaired by HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, RAM Investment was established in 2022 as a platform for Central Eastern European (CEE) companies to invest in projects related to the national program ‘Operation 300 Billion’ . His Highness is working with a newly formed consortium consisting of three law firms led by Boros Árpád András, a leading international corporate law firm specializing in the CEE region’s energy, financial and investment sectors to screen investors for the region.

For RAM Investment media enquiries:
Hannah McCabe
Partner, CoCo Communications Consultants
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Partner, CoCo Communications Consultants
Email: [email protected]

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