Health Ministry organizes 4th annual conference of central laboratories

Health Ministry organizes 4th annual conference of central laboratories

Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population organized the fourth annual scientific conference of the central laboratories on Saturday, under the slogan “Towards One Health”.

The conference reviews the latest technical methods and technologies in the field of laboratory analysis, and follows up future steps for the use of technology and artificial intelligence in the field of medical diagnosis, in a way that contributes to the preservation of the safety of the Egyptian citizen, by adopting a health conscious and advanced approach and increasing community immunity.

On behalf of Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, Amr Qandil, the head of the preventive medicine sector and honorary chairman of the conference, delivered the opening speech, where he thanked all the workers in the preventive medicine sector, led by the human cadres working in the central laboratories given their efforts to make the health system a success.

Qandil emphasized the importance of the conference in reviewing and transferring the latest laboratory research in the field of food and water safety, in addition to its role in spreading the culture of antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics.

He pointed to the importance of participation and coordination among all sectors and agencies affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Population, following a unified strategy for early detection of epidemics and viruses and their rapid handling, in order to protect the health of people. conserve animals and plants.

Qandil explained that the central laboratories are one of the main arms of the success of the health system, which played an important role in addressing the Coronavirus pandemic, in collaboration with the authorized authorities, reviewing the efforts of the laboratories and the modern working mechanisms used. in the field of organization, control and continuous follow-up, and monitoring and addressing of epidemic and infectious diseases to ensure the protection of the health of the Egyptian citizen against diseases transmitted by food and water, contributing to the achievement of a healthy society.

He further added that a new central laboratory complex is being established and equipped in Badr City, on an area of ​​33,000 square meters, and equipped according to building codes and standards. He pointed out that Egypt has great experience in the field of laboratories and medical analysis.

Qandil continued that in view of the global trend of data science and artificial intelligence and its ability to formulate future predictions of diseases, the ministry was keen to bring in the latest types of technology for medical analysis and samples of all kinds, to to contribute to the development of recommendations for decision makers, by building an existing database on scientific evidence, which contributes to making informed decisions during times of pandemics.

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