How to efficiently manage email? Check these artificial intelligence tools

How to efficiently manage email? Check these artificial intelligence tools

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have caused chaos in the technology sector. With the introduction of ChatGPT, AI has shown enormous potential in the intelligent automation of our daily tasks.

Email has permeated every aspect of our lives and consumes a significant amount of our time and effort, but it can also be managed efficiently with AI tools. We’ve outlined three innovative approaches to using AI to effectively manage email. (ALSO READ: Love ChatGPT? Check out these other 5 AI tools)

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1. Automatically compose emails

Automated emails often lack a human touch. However, thanks to advances in AI, there are now a number of AI tools that can help you create personalized emails. The Canary app is one such tool that can compose emails on behalf of the user. The email service based in the United States claims that all emails are written to the point. (ALSO READ: Google engineer develops ‘Gita GPT’. It refers to Bhagavad Gita to answer questions)

2. Organize inbox with AI tool

Users can use AI tools to manage and organize their email inbox. It is helpful to have tools like to handle daily email related tasks. Using machine learning, the Levity app classifies emails according to their content.

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3. AI tool to build an email campaign

AI-powered tools can also design campaigns for any business. AI tools like Jasper can create personalized email campaigns based on customer data and behavior, such as past purchases, demographic information and website activity. Firms can use machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data in real time, allowing them to create targeted email campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.


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