Tory MP delivers speech written for him by artificial intelligence

Tory MP delivers speech written for him by artificial intelligence

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A Conservative MP has delivered a stirring State of the UK speech to the House of Commons over the past 12 months.

But the speech was not written by him.

Instead, Bosworth MP Luke Evans used the ChatGPT artificial intelligence to write down his words for him.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Dr Evans said: ‘I think it could be a first’ as he shared the speech, which was delivered after an order to the chatbot to come up with a ‘Churchillian speech’ about the state of the country over the last year.

Labour’s Kevin Brennan, the MP for Cardiff West, stepped in to ask: ‘Did he write it himself or was it written by artificial intelligence?’

Dr Evans replied: ‘(He) generally made exactly the point I was referring to because this speech would have been one you might have heard in a House but it was actually put together by ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre – trained Transformer) an artificial intelligence powered by OpenAI.’

The Tory MP went on to say he believed there should be ‘a regulator for algorithms and artificial intelligence to work simultaneously and in synergy with the technology we are developing.’

Speaking on the issue on the final day before MPs adjourn for Christmas, he added: ‘This year there has been a seismic shift in the way AI can be used.’

AI (artificial intelligence) concept.  Woman silhouette and electrical circuit.

Artificial intelligence is now so advanced that politicians think it should be regulated (Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

ChatGPT, which was released to the public last month, was initially held back from release because its creators feared how it could be used. Within a week of being made available, it has already seen more than a million users interacting with it.

The version of the ‘bot available for public testing attempts to understand questions posed by users and responds with in-depth answers that resemble human-written text in a conversational format.

It naturally learns from every interaction in an effort to get better.

And apparently this is the job of speech writing for our politicians.

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