49% Increase in Time Spent Learning Technical Skills in 2022, Cloud Computing Most Preferred: Survey

49% Increase in Time Spent Learning Technical Skills in 2022, Cloud Computing Most Preferred: Survey

This year saw a 49 percent annual increase in time spent learning technical skills, Udemy’s 2023 Workplace Learning Trends report reveals. “As we have noted, technical skills will lead to the emergence of new industries as well as impact existing businesses and change the way we do things,” said Irwin Anand, Managing Director for India and the Asia-Pacific region at Udemy.

This year’s report also highlights top skills in demand across employee learning activity areas that include business, technical and personal skills. For top consumed technical skills, cloud computing skills remain a primary focus area with topics related to Amazon Web Services (AWS) claiming four of the top 10 most consumed skills, the survey added.

The report further said that coding, programming and IT courses capture the market in high demand in India. The five technical courses that are currently popular include:

1. Tailwind CSS 234 percent increase in consumption compared to Q2

2. DevSecOps 198 percent

3. TkInter 156 percent

4. IT support 142 percent

5. Analog Electronics 136 percent

Data analytics and security skills and solutions also ranked high among the growing technical skills. These include data bricks (increased by 2161 percent), system design maintenance (increased by 1012 percent) and 5G (increased by 643 percent), the report said.

The most commonly consumed business skills fell within the categories of communication and leadership, with significant consumption growth among customer experience management (up 449 percent), non-verbal communication (up 268 percent), business communication (up 211 percent).

In terms of personal skills, employees are setting themselves up for global leadership and workplace resilience. Many of the top personal growth skills reflect employees’ desire to better manage stressors, including the burnout that so many feel. These include consciousness (increased 825 percent), self-esteem (increased 105 percent), growth mindset (increased 82 percent).

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“Business leaders play a vital role in helping their employees build the skills they need to improve current business operations while also maintaining a company’s competitiveness in the labor market,” said Melissa Daimler, Chief Learning Officer at Udemy , said. “To become a true learning organization, however, companies must do more than simply offer training programs. Leading learning organizations also communicate clearly with employees about the purpose for learning and outcomes they hope to achieve.”

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