5 Sneaky Good Cars for a Super Bowl Tailgate Party

5 Sneaky Good Cars for a Super Bowl Tailgate Party

Last year’s Super Bowl halftime show was broadcast in more than 130 countries. It was truly a blast. The show’s clever script brought back many memories for people who were once youngsters without a care in the world. Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige allowed nostalgia to kick in unexpectedly as the show they put on entertained the SoFi Stadium crowd. However, you don’t have to be there to have fun. You can watch all the action from afar. Unless of course you have VIP seats. But we’ll go on a limb here and assume you don’t want to spend more than $80,000 for a single football game and a short concert.

If we think alike, what you might want to do is organize a tailgate party. Whether properly prepared or started on a whim, it can become a great way to celebrate friendship, relax and enjoy some great moments of American sportsmanship.

But which vehicle can you choose when full-size SUVs and vans can’t be an option? Well, we thought of a couple. Here is our list.

Tesla Model Y Long Range
Every tailgate party requires food, drinks, snacks, a radio or a portable TV antenna or a good internet connection, and of course at least a few people. If you need to carry all these things with you, then the elongated Model 3 is a good choice.

The four-wheel drive, the high driving position and the improved ground clearance (6.8 inches/17 cm) will help you remain confident in the car’s ability to tackle various types of terrain. But depending on which Model Y Long Range you might find to rent or buy, this car can seat up to seven people. When you arrive at your destination without burning any fossil fuels, thanks to its 330 miles (531 kilometers) EPA-estimated range, the seats can fold flat into the floor, maximizing cargo space. This versatility allows you to get creative with how you might want to set things up, especially since the Tesla comes with plenty of USB-C ports (even for third-row passengers).

But besides having these advantages, the all-electric crossover SUV is also a computing powerhouse on wheels. You can delight your friends with a personalized light show or even tweak some sounds to impress those who don’t know that you can play around with many of Tesla’s settings.

What we like most about the Model Y is that it has a frunk. You can’t put ice directly in it, but it offers enough space for a portable refrigerator. And we all know that soda is essential to a good tailgate party.

Subaru Outback
Next on our list is… Drum roll, please! It is… A car that many consider the perfect SUV replacement. If riding high and spending way more than necessary on a (new or used) vehicle aren’t things you want to do, then this rugged Subie might be what you want.

This adventure-oriented thing may not be as technologically advanced as the Model Y we told you about earlier, but the Outback still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Intended for those who want to ignore pickup trucks, vans and full-size SUVs, the Subaru has the potential to be the perfect ride for an unforgettable tailgate party.

Even though Subaru calls it a midsize SUV, we’d say the raised all-wheel-drive station wagon is a solid option. Now in its sixth (or seventh, depending on who you ask) generation, the vehicle comes with 9.5 inches (24.1 cm) of ground clearance and is powered by the familiar and improved Boxer engine. Last year, the automaker said the 182-hp 2.5-liter power unit was 90% new. But if it feels underpowered, you can always opt for the 260-hp 2.4-liter engine. Both powertrains make use of a CVT transmission that secretly acts like an eight-speed automatic.

The Outback is great for a tailgate party thanks to its flat boot floor and improved height which means it’s easy to get everything you need from inside the car, and because it’s competitively priced. Its MSRP is $28,395 for the base version, while the off-road ready Wilderness variant’s cost starts at a little over $38,000.

Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo
It costs almost as much as two Tesla Model Ys, rides much lower than the Outback, doesn’t have three rows of seats, and can’t even offer you much cargo versatility. However, there aren’t many vehicles out there that have the same coolness factor. It’s great for carrying four, or, if you specify it right, five people around without burning fossil fuels. But what this Porsche does best is help you stand out.

If you intend to choose a place where others also go for their own tailgate party, then a Taycan Cross Turismo will most likely be the best option you will have to avoid blending in. Beyond that, depending on how you tune one of these cars or which model you find to rent, the EV can offer an improved ride height and a luxurious feel that will make you and your guests not want to leave its cabin.

But it will also turn into an ally for a good time spent outside, thanks to its spacious trunk. Being an EV that isn’t just built to offset some emissions, it also has a useful benefit. More cargo space is always welcome.

And if you choose the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo as we suggested, then you’ll be able to leave the party place in a hurry using that temporarily available 563 hp (571 ps).

Honda Civic Hatchback
An unexpected vehicle for such a big mission, but one that can fulfill it if you give it a chance. The Civic Hatchback looks more like a four-door coupe, but the trunk lid does open entirely upwards, so it fits the description.

With an excellent MSRP of $25,850, the Civic Hatchback tries to make you forget about the Mazda3, the Toyota Corolla and VW’s Golf. It is intended for people who want the best value for their money and some reliability. However, this is what makes Honda’s nimble vehicle a good choice for a tailgate party.

You get a roomy interior, easy rear access, a simple powertrain with acceptable fuel economy, and a good-looking car that tells others you’re a serious grown-up. However, even those of us who scrutinize everything about life need time. So, this Sunday, give yourself some peace of mind and get ready to experience good food, good football and some refreshments.

But since you are a person who does not give up easily with a prudent lifestyle, the Civic Hatchback will most likely suit you and your loved ones.

Volvo C40 Recharge
The gas-powered XC40 has received a slight exterior upgrade and now has a curved roof that makes it look like the perfect vehicle for the crossover segment. You may know it. This is the C40 Recharge, and it has one important trick up its sleeve – it’s all electric! More importantly, this vehicle first featured the return to rear-wheel drive for the Swedish automaker. Unfortunately, this option is not available in the US. All Americans can get their hands on is the twin-car C40 which has an MSRP of $56,395 in the cheapest version – the Core trim.

With a range of 226 miles (364 km) and a zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) time of 4.5 seconds, this vehicle gives you access to the Android world and includes many safety features as standard. While it may not be as good as the Model Y or as off-road capable as the Subie, the C40 still rides pretty high. However, it is intended for more everyday driving than sudden off-road snares.

But let’s assume you plan to experience a different car for this year’s Super Bowl… Well, the C40 might be your best bet! Unlike the other suggestions we’ve made, this Volvo doesn’t have a fan base or anything really extraordinary about it, nor does it attract too much attention from travelers. If you want some peace of mind during the football game, then this vehicle will help you keep a low profile.

With built-in Google Maps, you’ll be able to drive anywhere you want, while the overall size of the vehicle will help you navigate crowded areas with ease. Just make sure you’re mindful of the range. Park strategically.

One more thing…
Last but not least, a bonus pick. Even though we’ve focused on vehicles that aren’t vans or full-size SUV models, we can’t leave this one out of the spotlight. It’s the Rivian R1T!

Known by many, loved by most, and eagerly awaited by disgruntled pre-order holders who have been through a lot, this EV is smaller than the popular (and lighter!) Ford F-150 Lightning. However, it can easily become a favorite to celebrate the beauty of sports with your loved ones. Besides having a practical bed, there’s the cool gear tunnel and the front trunk (or trunk), which can help with storing various things needed (even ice!) for a great tailgate party. It even has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which can go anywhere with you.

Yes, there were many EVs included. But that’s for a reason – they’ve gotten pretty good lately! It’s hard to ignore a good all-rounder that can also be beneficial to your local environment.

Now that we’re done with our suggestions, all that’s left is to cheer on our favorite team while enjoying some cold drinks and whatever snacks or grilled food are available.

Finally, don’t forget to share your creative or unexpected choices with us. We would love to hear how this shortlist can be expanded with other handy suggestions.

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