CDNetworks is Gaining Momentum as a Security and Edge Services Provider While Seeing a Net Profit Increase of over 52%

CDNetworks is Gaining Momentum as a Security and Edge Services Provider While Seeing a Net Profit Increase of over 52%

In FY22, CDNetworks reports more than 52% net profit increase, with revenue from CDNetworks’ security services increasing by 27%. CDNetworks continues to expand its global presence following its acquisition by Wangsu in 2017.

SINGAPORE , Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CDNetworks, the global leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Edge service provider, is proud to announce upgrades to its operating strategies and new product portfolios based on its acquisition by Wangsu. The synergies derived from this acquisition resulted in the highest net profit since the company’s acquisition, and strategically positioned CDNetworks for revenue increases in security and edge services worldwide.

The upgraded operating strategies create momentum in successive years:

CDNetworks’ security capabilities

Over the past few years, the synergies gained from resources, customers and R&D have prompted CDNetworks to align its customer-facing operations with its parent company Wangsu.

– Product portfolios: To strengthen its presence in today’s global market, CDNetworks has rebuilt product portfolios and changed its core business from only the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to include security and edge services, with CDN as a key component.

Building on its core CDN infrastructure, CDNetworks has added solutions and services such as Media Delivery, Cloud Security, Zero-Trust and Edge Computing. By combining the power of these customer-facing products, the latest product portfolios empower CDNetworks to provide truly comprehensive services that address real-world challenges. These new product portfolios accelerated CDNetworks’ ability to achieve global scale.

– Market Strategy: As a company founded in Korea, CDNetworks has expanded to meet the needs of customers around the world and set up 14 global offices and 10 R&D centers. In 2019, with an eye on various emerging markets in Southeast Asia (SSEA), CDNetworks moved its international headquarters to Singapore and set up a 24/7 customer service center in Malaysia. CDNetworks has also built local support teams at key locations worldwide, including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, the UK, the US and China. With these local Points of Presence (PoPs) in place, CDNetworks is positioned to create deeper collaboration with customers by communicating with them in their native language to explore their requirements and provide customized solutions that meet their business requirements.

This strategy has achieved unparalleled success. The SSEA region reports 58.9% revenue growth in FY22. Total regional revenue from SSEA and Greater China together accounted for about 45% of CDNetworks’ global market. This remarkable achievement will bring more confidence in the further investment of localization to win more markets worldwide.

– Operational optimization: To support new product portfolios, CDNetworks leveraged the resources of its parent company, Wangsu, to capture, coordinate and collaborate synergies between companies, and to integrate sufficient resources into daily operations to bring new products to market to bring At the same time, CDNetworks streamlined product development and maintenance, phasing out some long-tail products to increase enterprise-wide operational efficiency.

– Resource expansion: After the acquisition, CDNetworks accelerated the deployment of its global Points of Presence (PoPs) to ensure the highest levels of speed and availability in hard-to-reach markets, such as China, Russia, Brazil and the Middle East. With more than 200,000 servers, more than 200 ISP partners deployed worldwide, and more than 2,800 global PoPs, CDNetworks is now uniquely positioned to provide an unmatched network presence in many emerging markets and beyond.

CDNetworks continues its commitment to deliver more value

CDNetworks continues to actively build strong business relationships across diverse businesses, organizations and industries worldwide by personalizing interactions with customers, viewing each business as an individual entity that has its own business goals and challenges.

CDNetworks prides itself on finding common ground with businesses to identify how it can add innovation, sustainability and expertise that enables businesses to eliminate downtime, maximize productivity and level the playing field vis-à-vis the competitors in their market. In this way, CDNetworks increases efficiency providing enterprises with a smooth digital transformation designed to add value to their solutions, expand their customer base and bring in new revenue streams, while reducing organizational waste and costs.

CDNetworks ensures customer trust by demonstrating its unique value proposition to deliver the highest quality solutions for establishing an enterprise’s product presence in the market. In this context, CDNetworks’ media delivery services have covered several major sporting events worldwide, and CDNetworks also partners with various media platforms to enable the global distribution of these events. Online shopping forums such as Black Friday and Double Eleventh also benefit from CDNetworks’ web performance and cloud security solutions, which guarantee dynamic high performance, availability and reliability, and protect e-commerce platforms from the most common web application security threats, such as e.g. XSS, SQL, DDoS and brute force attacks, to avoid slow response times, frustrating user experiences, fraudulent transactions and downtime to maintain revenue, corporate reputations and customer loyalty.

Serving more than 3,000 businesses or organizations, CDNetworks has helped many customers navigate the many services, solutions and technologies by leveraging industry-specific knowledge to provide them with the highest levels of personalized service. And the successful track record has enabled CDNetworks to win the trust of leading enterprises in e-commerce, media and entertainment, systems integration, online gaming, software and technology, online education, manufacturing and finance, among others. It has also allowed CDNetworks to gain influence across different industries as an increasing number of enterprises worldwide recognize the capabilities of CDNetworks’ media delivery and security services.

CDNetworks foresees a bright future

Addressing the future direction of CDNetworks’ product development, Doyle Deng, head of global marketing and product at CDNetworks, said: “The inherent limitations of traditional CDNs make them unable to meet the demands of elasticity and flexibility that require is not for content caching and delivery. And with the development of new technologies such as edge computing, big data, IOT, and other interconnected and collaborative trends, the edge is becoming the new arena for cybersecurity. For these reasons, CDNetworks is investing a significant amount of resources in edge research and development.”

Mr. Deng added, “In 2021, CDNetworks, together with our parent company, Wangsu, invested about US$68 million in the development of cloud security, edge computing businesses and other key innovation areas. From these investments, CDNetworks was able to provide premium. solutions and support for media streaming, e -commerce, game acceleration, e-learning and other online platforms that provide solutions and services with low latency, high reliability and scalability. In the future, we intend to strengthen communication with customers to deliver more customer-oriented solutions for different industrial scenarios.”

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