Microsoft Forbids Crypto Mining to Protect Cloud Service Users

Microsoft Forbids Crypto Mining to Protect Cloud Service Users

Microsoft is taking steps to ensure the reliability of its cloud services by introducing additional restrictions on activities such as bitcoin mining.

The Register reported on December 15 that Microsoft had secretly halted cryptocurrency mining from its online services to better secure its consumers and cloud infrastructure.

The corporation added additional restrictions to its Microsoft Online Services universal license terms. Microsoft revised its Acceptable Use Policy on December 1st to clarify that cryptomining is prohibited without prior Microsoft permission.

Microsoft said in the “Acceptable Use Policy” section that users must now obtain written permission from the firm before using any Microsoft Online Services for cryptomining.

Microsoft reportedly said its latest crypto-mining restrictions protect online services from cyber fraud, attacks and unauthorized access to customer resources. It has reportedly warned that it may request authorization to mine crypto for security testing and research.

Microsoft Online Services is a component of the firm’s software when service strategy and consists of hosted software. Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing network is reported to provide crypto mining at some subscription levels. Microsoft had been experimenting with blockchain services on Azure, but discreetly canceled its Azure Blockchain Service project in September last year.

Some sources indicate that Microsoft’s cloud computing platforms have experienced significant capacity shortages in recent years due to ongoing supply chain constraints. According to reports, the number of Azure data centers is expected to remain limited until early 2023.

By implementing the new limits, Microsoft joins many other cloud computing companies, such as Google, that restrict users from mining cryptocurrencies without prior written approval. Other platforms, such as Oracle, have banned cloud mining, while Digital Ocean requires written consent.

Cloud mining is an alternative way of crypto investment for users to mine cryptocurrencies without the need for mining equipment or equipment via a remote data center with pooled computing power. According to the Blockchain Council, cloud mining is one of the most profitable ways to mine cryptocurrencies, as it does not require users to pay for equipment or associated fees.

The announcement comes as the mining business is facing a major problem due to the current crypto winter, with several miners on the verge of bankruptcy due to lack of funds.

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