Nexla Announces R&D Sponsorship of the UC Berkeley Sky Computing Lab

Nexla Announces R&D Sponsorship of the UC Berkeley Sky Computing Lab

Intel, Google, IBM, Samsung SDS and VMware are also supporters of the UC Berkeley Sky Computing Lab

SAN MATEO, California., December 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nexla (, a data engineering automation company, today announced its sponsorship of the University of California (UC) Berkeley Sky Computing Lab ( Nexla is a founding member of the UC Berkeley Sky Computing Lab and its sponsorship will go to fund the Lab’s multicloud and hybrid cloud computing research and development efforts.

Sky over clouds

Sky over clouds

“Data is the most critical challenge in making things multi-cloud and hybrid cloud,” says Saket Saurabh, Co-Founder and CEO of Nexla. “The data becomes the element of friction because moving data around is not easy and it is not cheap. With multi-cloud you get scale, reliability and best solutions. You can take advantage of the advanced computing and storage at Amazon AWS , while taking advantage of ML technology in Google GCP, and Generative AI technology in Microsoft Azure. A multi-cloud approach allows companies to operate outside of these existing corporate cloud silos.”

“At Nexla, we help companies like JPMorgan, J&J and LiveRamp address the data challenges around multi-cloud and hybrid cloud computing initiatives,” says Saurabh.

“With UC Berkeley Sky Computing Lab, we contribute our real-world knowledge and data so that researchers at the Lab can benefit from it. Ultimately, we want to advance the field together and help develop this nascent but highly promising area of ​​computing.”

“It is an honor to welcome Nexla as a founding member and sponsor,” said Ion Stoica, Databricks co-founder and the Berkeley computer science professor who leads the lab. “Nexla’s support will help us address some of the biggest challenges with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud computing in the industry today.”

Intel, Google, IBM, Samsung SDS, Astronomer, Lacework and VMware are also supporters of the UC Berkeley Sky Computing Lab. Affiliated companies include Uber and Microsoft.

Nexla’s sponsorship is part of a UC Berkeley Sky Computing Lab five-year plan. Graduates of UC Berkeley’s earlier AMPLab (2011-2016) included Databricks, a billion dollar data and AI company that interacts with corporate information stored in the public cloud. Sky Computing Lab’s sponsors include Google, IBM, Intel, VMware, Astronomer, Lacework, Samsung SDS and other major brands.

About Nexla

Nexla is a pioneer in data engineering automation and making data ready to use for enterprises.

Nexla’s platform helps teams create scalable, repeatable and predictable data flows for any data use case. Nexla’s clients include JPMorgan, Johnson & Johnson, LinkedIn, Instacart and Doordash. Analysts, business users and data engineers in any sector, including e-commerce, insurance, travel and healthcare, can use Nexla to integrate, automate and monitor their inbound and outbound data flows. The end result is predictable and reliable data access inside and outside the organization. In 2021, Nexla was named a Gartner Cool Vendor for Data Fabric. To learn more, visit



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