OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus now available in UAE for $20 per month

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus now available in UAE for  per month

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus is now available in the United Arab Emirates and worldwide for $20 per month.

The new version of the AI-powered platform and open source language model has the potential to change the way people and businesses communicate and interact with artificial intelligence.

When it first launched last year, ChatGPT quickly gained popularity and went viral, with OpenAI estimating that it had more than one million users by December 4th.

According to a report by Reuters, analysts said that ChatGPT reached 100 million users within two months of its release. Data firm Similarweb claimed that the platform had nearly 590 million visits from 100 million unique users last month.

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Due to high demand, the Microsoft-backed company has launched an upgraded version of the platform that it says will prioritize subscribers’ requests during peak times, have faster response speeds and give them priority access to new features and improvements.

OpenAI launched ChatGPT as a research preview in an effort to learn more about the system’s strengths and weaknesses and to gather user feedback to help improve on its limitations. Since then, it has made several updates and helped users find value across a variety of professional use cases such as brainstorming ideas, coding, creating content, and learning new topics.

The company plans to refine and expand this offering based on feedback and is actively exploring options for lower-cost plans, business plans and data packages for more availability, OpenAI said on its website.

ChatGPT is a large language model designed to generate human-like text by predicting word sequences, but unlike most chatbots, it cannot search the Internet. Instead, it uses internal processes to generate text.

The frenzy caused by its launch prompted other tech firms to significantly improve their AI capabilities. Google owner Alphabet said it will soon launch a chatbot service and more AI for its search engine in response to the launch of ChatGPT that led to a new wave of PCs.

In a blog post, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said his company is opening up a conversational AI service called Bard to test users for feedback, followed by a public release in the coming weeks.

China’s Alibaba Group said on Wednesday that it is also developing a ChatGPT-style AI tool and that it is currently undergoing internal testing.

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