We are keen on expanding cloud computing services: Communications Minister

We are keen on expanding cloud computing services: Communications Minister

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat said that his ministry is keen to develop a digital infrastructure throughout the country and expand cloud computing services as a major enabler for digital transformation.

He added in a press release issued by the ministry on Saturday that the Digital Egypt platform has been launched, which includes more than 165 digital government services.

Talaat also indicated that the average fixed internet speed in Egypt doubled and became the highest in Africa, with an average speed of around 45 mbps in October 2022, compared to 40th place on the continent in January 2019, with an average speed of 6.51 mbps.

According to the ministry’s statement, Egypt has also advanced in the classification of the Digital Government Maturity Index for the year 2022, which was recently issued by the World Bank. It is ranked among the group of leading countries in digital government with the classification (A), which is the highest category in the index.

This comes in the minister’s speech during the Amazon Web Services (AWS) conference on cloud computing technologies, the AWS MENA Cloud Roadshow, during which new technologies in cloud computing and their applications were highlighted.

In his speech, the minister said that more than 20,000 government buildings have been connected to the fiber optic network as part of the implementation of a project to connect all government buildings across the country, amounting to 33,000 buildings to exchange data between them , as the connection of the rest of the government buildings will be completed within the coming year.

He also highlighted the implementation of a project to lay fiber optic cables in the villages of the Decent Life initiative to provide internet services to more than 58 million citizens in more than 4,500 villages nationwide, as fiber optic cables have so far been provided to more than 300 villages.

Furthermore, Talaat shed light on the strategy of the ministry, which aims to expand the base of specialized skills in technological fields. He added that work is currently underway to increase the number of trainees and the budget allocated for technical training over the past four years to increase the number of trainees in all technical disciplines, paying attention to the refinement of their personal skills, which necessary to their competitiveness in the local and global labor markets.

In addition, during the activities of the roadshow, the AWS announced the availability of AWS outpost services in Egypt, serving all government agencies and all public and private business sectors.

With AWS offsites, customers use databases and other services locally. They can also access the full range of services available in the AWS cloud to build, manage and extend their applications on-premises.

Azza Al-Shenawy – General Manager of Egypt and North Africa at Amazon Web Services – said that the company’s provision of AWS outsourcing services in Egypt reflects the expansion efforts that seek to meet the needs of the company’s customers to fully to provide managed service of AWS in Egypt.

AWS outposts also provide the same AWS infrastructure, services, and tools to any on-premises data center or data center shared spaces, enabling an integrated hybrid cloud computing experience for AWS customers in Egypt.

AWS Outpost Services are ideal for business applications that require rapid access to on-premise services and data processing in many industries.

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