12 Best Smart Home Gifts of 2022

12 Best Smart Home Gifts of 2022

With technology advancing at a breakneck pace, now is the best time to take advantage of the gadgets available to improve your homestead, whether you’re trying to make life easier or just more fun. What was once only reserved for the tech-obsessed, future-proof your home is now a great investment for anyone, and doesn’t always have to break the bank. To make your shopping easier, we’ve put together a guide to the best smart home gifts for almost any budget this holiday season.

EcoFlow River 2

Charged in just one hour, the RIVER 2 from EcoFlow is a perfect travel power bank, but can also be used to power your favorite home appliances in the event of an outage, or even if you’re moving your electronics away from an outlet. want to use Controlled via the smartphone app and equipped with both AC and USB ports, the 7.7-pound RIVER 2 has a 300W output and can be fully recharged in 1 hour.

Amazon Voice Remote Pro

As remote controls for our smart TVs get smaller, it becomes much easier to lose them. Amazon’s latest Voice Remote Pro updates its illuminated Fire TV remote with Alexa capability, so you can find it in the inevitable event that it’s stuck somewhere inside or under your couch.

Amazon Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Camera

With two-way audio, motion detection and 360-degree panning, this indoor smart security camera from Amazon lets you see what’s going on at home in high-definition, even when you’re not there. Ideal for parents leaving their children with a babysitter or pet owners home.

Ember Cup

The Ember Mug is one of the best smart home gadgets you can get, keeping your drinks warm and at your desired temperature for as long as it takes you to drink them. Recently, the brand released a smaller 6 oz version for drinks like espresso and cortados.

Amazon Halo is rising

Launched earlier this year, Amazon’s Halo Rise works with the Halo app for a better way to help you adjust to waking up and going to sleep. The device gradually brightens like the sunrise so your body can adjust to the morning before you’re even awake. Similarly, it can keep track of how long you sleep with app integration to monitor your habits.

Hue Go portable table lamp

With a silicone grip that makes it easy to handle, Philips’ Hue Go portable table lamp brings the brand’s smart lighting to an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, surviving for 48 hours without being plugged in, so you can move it from room to room move around as desired.

Therabody SmartGoggles

Powered by SmartSense technology, these SmartGoggles from Therabody help slow your heart rate for better sleep, but can also be used to relieve headaches and eye strain caused by staring at devices all day.

Sonos One Speaker

The small size of the Sonos One Speaker is not a knock on quality, but an advantage when trying to minimize footprint while maximizing sound. Working with your smartphone to play music, audiobooks and podcasts, the Alexa-compatible speaker can also be controlled hands-free.

The Bruvi BV-01 Coffee Maker Bundle

Aiming to change the pod machine game, the Bruvi BV-01 not only promises better tasting coffee with guilt-free pods, but offers a wide variety of styles from drip coffee to espresso to cold brew, and everything in between. You can manage and schedule the machine via a touch panel, but also control it remotely from your smartphone.

Breville Joule Oven

Taking Breville’s standard Air Fryer and making it more tech-friendly, the Joule Oven offers seamless smartphone integration and an Autopilot feature that can switch modes depending on the recipe you’re using. Whether baking cupcakes or roasting a turkey, the smart oven optimizes heat thanks to Element IQ technology and has 13 preset functions.

FEATURES Interactive workout mirror

FITURE’s new Interactive Workout Mirror gives you instant feedback on your form when you lift weights and also monitors your reps, sets and heart rate in real time. With a sleek design that serves as a stylish piece of furniture for your living room, the mirror also supports the brand’s interactive fitness courses.

myQ Pet Portal

With the myQ Pet Portal, you can now let your cat and dog in and out of your home, even when you’re out on Friday night. To prevent any unwanted critters from entering, the smart elevator-style passage can be operated remotely via your smartphone and can be activated by your pet’s collar when nearby.

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