5 gadgets that make you look rich and fine

5 gadgets that make you look rich and fine

Besides dressing well, using nice cologne, and generally looking good, there are a few gadgets that seem to increase your affluent perception. As soon as people see you with these gadgets, they naturally feel that your account is full of money.

We asked a number of Millennials and Gen Z’s gadgets that make them feel like people have money. And the following devices got the most mentions.


It’s simply amazing how using airpods makes people feel like flying. Especially for guys, it feels like a beauty accessory. Maybe some kind of earrings. But it’s ultimately just a headphone made by Apple. Nothing serious about it.

A large Oraimo or New Age power bank

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These power bank brands are like the tops in African countries like Nigeria. You will see that people who own them wear them with such gusto when the device is connected to their smartphones. It’s an accessory that seems to add to the esteem of people these days. But actually it only tells about the terrible state of power in your country or your cell phone’s battery.

Apple Wristwatches

Apple watches are beautiful. They are very beautiful. But how people who wear it are somehow considered wealthy, especially in African climate, is just a wonder. It is ultimately just a wristwatch that can be gifted to someone, or even stolen by the wearer.

Latest iPhones

This device got the most mentions from our survey. But the thing is, most iPhone users in African countries like Nigeria can hardly afford to buy a new one. Most people who buy them save some time to buy used versions. Only the minority of the iPhone using community bought it new. So how does using an iPhone make you rich?

However, the status that the iPhone has successfully created for itself remains unbeatable. It is simply phenomenal. There are Android phones that will beat the iPhone hands down. But somehow, iPhones just seem to own the ‘best smartphone’ spotlight. That’s ridiculous!


This is the fourth apple product to appear on this list. And it is fascinating how the company has made its gadgets the sense for creating luxury perception. One of those we spoke to specifically made references to DJs. He implied that DJs who don’t use MacBooks are considered low-class DJs and won’t get top gigs like those who use the Apple computer.

This idea is so flawed because there are computers that function much better than the latest MacBook. There are more expensive computers than all MacBooks. But for many people, the fact that MacBooks are made by Apple makes them top tier. And that is what gives it the ability to give its users a status that could be a mere facade.

Just amazing! What other gadgets do you think make people look rich or look good?

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