7 Best Home Pizza Ovens For Restaurant Quality Pies

7 Best Home Pizza Ovens For Restaurant Quality Pies

best home pizza ovens

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You work this sweltering pizza oven, maybe in an off-white tee like Carmy in The Bear. You sweat, run around with tops, or better yet, pull them off herbs you’ve grown in an indoor garden. Then you take out these beautiful, blistered pizzas and drizzle them with a perfect amount of olive oil made by, like, some small family in Sicily. And your guests are just overwhelmed by it all. And for you it’s just an ordinary night. This is just what it feels like to own a pizza oven of your own.

These little things—which have really blown up in the past decade—make charred Neapolitan-style pizzas incredibly easy to perfect. You don’t even need any technological smart kitchen equipment, nor do you need a large, decorated outdoor space to fit a massive oven. Several of these models will work on a balcony, and one even works inside, so it’s easier than ever to add a nice summer tool to your perfectly assembled kitchen arsenal.

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Most Professional Pizza Oven


Dual Fuel Pizza Oven

MaterialCeramic coated steel
Weight128 pounds
Internal dimensions7.5″ H x 18.5″ D x 21.6″ W
External dimensions26″ H x 24.8″ D x 28.8″ W

The most beautiful pizza oven

Solo stove

Pi Starter Bundle

MaterialStainless steel
Weight30.5 pounds
Esteral dimensions15.125″ H x 20.5″ D

Best value wood fired pizza oven


Karu 12 Multi-fuel

MaterialStainless steel
Weight26.4 pounds (12 kg)
External dimensions31.5 x 15.7 x 30.3″ (80 x 40 x 77 cm)

Best Pizza Oven Starter Kit


Karu 16 Essentials Bundle

External dimensions33″ x 32″ x 20″ (50 x 81.5 x 83.7 cm)
Weight62.6 pounds
MaterialPowder coated and stainless steel

Coolest Pizza Oven

Tierra Firme

Tile Pizza Oven

External dimensions11.5” H x 21” W x 21” D
Weight43.5 pounds.

Best portable pizza oven


Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

MaterialStainless steel
External dimensions26.4″ L x 17.5″ W x 11.2″ H
Weight23.6 pounds.

Best indoor pizza oven


Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

Things to consider when buying a pizza oven
  • Inside or outside: The reality is that most pizza ovens are only going to be outside. In restaurants they have a chimney that completely leaves the building, which is just not a feature in modern houses. The only way to have an indoor pizza oven is to go with an electric model like the Breville Pizzaiolo.
  • Temperature Clearance: A pizza oven should reach at least around 700°F, as anything lower will make it difficult for you to get that perfect char. But most options exceed that, usually up to about 900°F.
  • Fuel: Typically this will be gas, wood or both. Gas is much easier to start and control. Wood is the undeniably classic way, which many people prefer.
  • Attachments: It could be a big one. If you’re hauling this pizza oven to a campsite or friend’s crib, you’ll want it to have some sort of carrying case. And if you’ve never cooked pizza before, one that comes with a stone and peel (looks like the big spatula you use to take it out of the oven) would be a good buy. Additionally, most ovens, and all on this list, will have a stand that lifts them off the surface they’re on, so as not to scorch your picnic table or something.

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