Best Gifts in Tech: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Best Gifts in Tech: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Technology is always evolving, so why not give your holiday gifts? When it comes to tech gifts this holiday season, Northeastern University faculty all agree that it comes down to the little things that make life easier or better on a daily basis.

Whether it’s a cutting-edge electronic notebook that makes studying and note-taking easier for a student in your life or a device that simplifies the two-factor authentication process we all use these days, these faculty-recommended pieces of technology will help make the holidays .

Next-level note taking

There was only one piece of technology that several Northeastern professors recommended: the Ratta Supernote.

An e-ink note on display, the Supernote is admittedly a bit pricey, but worth every penny, said John Basl, associate professor of philosophy, and Kristen Lee, senior faculty in behavioral science and leadership.

“Although it is expensive, it is worth the investment because of its tremendous versatility and impact on important areas of our lives,” says Lee. “The benefits of writing, reading and staying organized are all well documented, helping us maximize our understanding of ourselves and the world. Plus it helps with energy and time.”

The Supernote integrates Kindle, which allows you to read e-books as well as PDFs, and is sure to replace a standard notebook, reducing the amount of paper you or your student use each semester.

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