Functional luxe

Functional luxe

Life picks 2022’s 20 best gadgets and tech toys that are sure to pique your interest.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker

Price: 7,900 baht
Full specs:

This futuristic bot-like Bluetooth speaker will fit on any Star Wars fan’s desk. The speaker has ample RGB lights and a touch-sensitive volume control. It also has good clear sound. Moreover, you can also link two of them together to give stereo effect.

Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses

Price: 22,000 baht
Full specs:

A proper pair of sunglasses with built-in speakers and cameras from the manufacturer Ray-Ban. You can take photos or videos while walking around the city without looking like a creep. These smart sunglasses can be used to answer calls or listen to music via a Bluetooth connection. You can also sync all the recordings directly to Facebook.

AUTOBOT pet feeder.

AUTOBOT pet feeder

Price: 4,000 baht
Full specs:

This gadget automatically feeds your cat on a set schedule or manually remotely via smartphone. You also record your speech to call your pet when it’s time to feed them. This automatic feeder has a built-in camera to see your pet while they are eating. This can be a perfect solution when you want to travel without your pets.

Anchor 737 power bank.

Anchor 737 power bank

Price: 5,200 baht
Full specs:

It is a 24,000mAh power bank that has extreme 140W fast charging capacity that comes with a display that shows the amount of charge it has left, the temperature, charging cycles and much more at the size of a small water bottle. This power bank has two USB-C and one USB-A charging ports and is capable of Power Delivery 3.1.

Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector.

Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector

Price: 25,000 baht
Full specs:

This portable projector has vivid full HD images with HDR capability up to 254 cm in diameter with a built-in surround sound system. Easy to set up and carry around, it can be powered by a power bank. It automatically corrects the projected image and automatically focuses.

Leatherman Wingman.

Leatherman Wingman

Price: 2,500 baht
Full specs:

A multi-tool for many household and outdoor tasks, with spring-action pliers, scissors, can opener, screwdrivers and other indispensable tools.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3

Price: 10,000 baht
Full specs:

One of the top TWS (True Wireless Stereo) products of 2022. It offers unparalleled clear sound and bass, while being comfortable to wear.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Price: 60,000 baht
Full specs:

Even though many phone companies have marketed foldable phones this year, Samsung still offers the best combination of software and hardware for any foldable phone/tablet.


DJI OSMO Mobile 6

Price: 5,500 baht
Full specs:

A compact and easily foldable intelligent smartphone stabilizer packed with creative features to help those with shaky hands. It starts automatically once unfolded to take shots at a moment’s notice.

MacBook Pro with M2 chip.

MacBook Pro with M2 chip

Price: 47,000 baht
Full specs:

The fastest and longest battery life laptop available. But since it works with macOS, make sure the programs you need can run on it.

Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure.

Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure

Price: 1,300 baht
Full specs:

A high-tech laser distance meter that can be very handy for room measurement.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro

Price: 11,990 baht
Full specs:

This smartwatch has it all — attractiveness, battery life, features, durability and build quality.

Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Paperwhite

Price: 9,000 baht
Full specs:

Kindle is still the best choice for eye-safe e-readers and this model is one of their best.

Lego Technic Toy Series.

Lego Technique

Price: 2,000 baht and up
Full specs:

It’s Lego with a different build style. Technic kits use specialized pieces, sometimes including motors and pneumatic elements, to create much more functionality than you can get with regular bricks.

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed ​​​​Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed ​​​​Wireless Gaming Mouse

Price: 1,600 baht
Full specs:

A great wireless gaming mouse with precise controls and long battery life that won’t break the bank.

Waist Fan.

Waist Fan

Price: 600 baht
Full specs:

A perfect cooling device for people who walk outside in a hot country like Thailand.

Logitech G G502 X LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Logitech G G502 X LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

Price: 4,500 baht
Full specs:

Logitech’s top gaming mouse for 2022.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

Price: 1,900 baht
Full specs:

Treat your feline friends to this circulating water source with filtering capabilities that can be controlled remotely with smartphones.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe

Price: 1,300 baht
Full specs:

A high-speed thumb drive that has different connectors on both ends: one for lightning (for iPhones) and one for USB-C (for Android phones and computers).

Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra

Price: 32,000 baht
Full specs:

An Apple Watch for the rugged lifestyle. It’s built with the sturdiest material Apple has ever used with their watches. Can also be used while swimming and diving.

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