How to use Google Maps to track someone

How to use Google Maps to track someone

It’s the last seven days of the year, and a large number of us should have started making arrangements for New Year’s Eve and partying with loved ones before now. Still, it’s generally smart to travel and keep your loved ones refreshed so they know where you are, in case you’re behind schedule, or for safety reasons.

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Just to remind you, our phones accompany an element called Google Guides, which accompanies a really convenient component that can help customers stay aware of their loved one’s whereabouts.

How does finding out about Guides actually work?

Google Guides uses area trackers so that one can follow the development of darling, when the area is shared. It’s a convenient mode to find out where someone is for sure.

Can we follow someone at any point without their permission?

In the event that we would follow someone without their consent, this would be a security breach. Anyway, one can follow anyone in various genuine ways with their consent, to stay aware of the security measures and follow them as well.
For example, if you assume that you are constantly trying to follow a companion, and if you assume that the person has given you the area on stages like WhatsApp or SMS, then Google Guides will at that point empower the customers to follow.

Step-by-step instructions for following someone using Google Guides:

Here is a basic way to follow your companions through Google Guides on the iOS devices like iPhones and iPad:
Add your loved ones’ Gmail subtleties to your Google account and save them in Google Contacts.
Right now, open Google Guides and tap on your profile picture
Currently select Area Sharing
Currently, tap on the Presentation Area button
Customers will have the option to choose the time frame for sharing the area and time period they hope to share.
You can select and mark different contact names according to your decision.
Once it’s done, you can tap the Offer button on your Apple device.
The individuals selected from Google Contacts will start getting an alert to follow their own whereabouts.
Move to share Google Guide area on Android devices
Go to find out about Guides and snap your profile picture
Tap Share right now
Currently click on the Offer Area button
You may need to enable Directories to reach your contacts
Currently choose the time frame for sharing the area and choose each individual you need to convey your subtleties to.
Move to share your area through Google Guides on a computer
Sharing your area on the computer is conceivable by association with the cell phone. Customers can share the living area using a mobile phone.
Customers can also share another person’s area through the Google Guides workspace
Clients have the freedom to also stop sharing the area by work area



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