I Tried the Dyson Headphones/Air Purifier, and It’s Even Weirder Than It Looks

I Tried the Dyson Headphones/Air Purifier, and It’s Even Weirder Than It Looks

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I must say, technology is really something else. As our readers, you already know this, as SPY constantly brings you the gadgets that blow us away. Literally, every time you turn around, there is a new innovative smart device or intriguing gadget that beats the last one with unique capabilities. On that note, yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing the Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones in real life ahead of their release in March 2023 – and I’ve never seen anything more magnificent.

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For starters, the futuristic wearable arrives in three colors, but the one I tested out was premium Prussian Blue with bright copper accents. They are super compact, equipped with 11 microphones, eight of which make up its advanced noise canceling system. Hear here; those microphones can monitor ambient sounds 384,000 times per second, reducing background noise.

And if you live in a bustling city like New York, where there is noise coming from every direction, this feature will bring you great listening pleasure. To make sure, I tried the headphones outside to see how they really performed, and I was quite impressed.

Using the accompanying MyDyson app (available for Android and iOS), I was able to monitor air quality and ambient noise levels in real-time using the onboard sensor. It’s almost like a polygraph where the lines spike when they detect those unnecessary distractions; a particularly cool thing to behold.

The best part about them? Aiming to combat air pollution, the Dyson Zone comes with a detachable air filtration system, which acts like a visor positioned to go around the lower half of your face. Fortunately, it can be adjusted so that there isn’t a tight seal where you feel like you can’t breathe. And I can’t lie; wearing this attachment almost made me feel like Bane The Dark Knight Rises.

Overall, the sound quality is amazing, and it has sound equalization modes that can be controlled through the app. Also, talk about some serious weight. The headphones alone weigh 595 grams. Dyson claims the headphones can last up to 50 hours in terms of battery life, with a charge covering four hours of use.

The only absurd detail about the Dyson Zone headphones happens to be their retail value. Ready for this? Prices start at $949, ​​which is significantly more expensive than any audio product I’ve ever purchased. Nevertheless, Dyson has a great product on its hands if anyone wants to splurge.

Although the device has only just been released, you can sign up to be the first to know when it’s available for purchase at Dyson.com.

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