Kevin Conroy’s Caped Crusader Returns One Last Time

Kevin Conroy’s Caped Crusader Returns One Last Time

Batman: The Animated Series

Credit: DC – Warner Bros.

The Batman (Kevin Conroy) of a generation speaks again!

Batman: The Animated Series
Credit: DC – Warner Bros.

For many who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, Batman: The Animated Series was a definite part of childhood. It was an introduction to the Dark Knight, and the entire Rogue’s Gallery of villains he fought against. It was a gateway to the entire catalog of the superhero genre! As an introduction, it was a fantastic first step: the production quality was outstanding, the animation was smooth, the design impeccable, but what really sold it was the voice acting.

Harley Quinn, Batman and The Joker in 'Batman: The Animated Series'
Credit: DC – Warner Bros.

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Two giants of voice acting, Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame played an irreplaceable Joker, who was both evil and scary, but not in a way that would make a child change the channel. Then there was Batman/Bruce Wayne himself, played by Kevin Conroy. The low rasp was menacing yet reassuring, his Batman (Conroy) flawed yet capable. Channel that classic Bob Kane Batman see, Kids of that generation grew up watching Conroy’s Caped Crusader take down villains, and keep Gotham City safe for years, creating some great comic book hero memories.

Joker Arkham Batman
Credit: Warner Bros.

When these same kids got a little older, they were treated to a nostalgic surprise: The new Arkham game series brought back those two lead actors and gave players control over Batman (Conroy) and his iconic voice acting. In pure Batman style, players used the shadows to sneak up, and beat thugs, gadgets helped gamers across the board, and haunted environments in a mix of modern and art deco style, and nods, or direct references to the entire Rogue’s Gallery was everywhere shattering the map for sharp-eyed players to find. It was a good time to have a Batman fan!

kevin conroy

Then, on November 10, 2022, tragedy struck the Batman community. Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman for decades, has passed away after a bout with colon cancer. It was a shock and a big blow to the whole community. Both fans and Conroy’s co-stars expressed their immense sadness at the loss of an actor taken too soon. Fans all over the world were certain that we would never hear Conroy’s Batman again in another new project. Until this week, that is.

Batman from the Arkham series
Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

As reported by The Direct, Kevin Conroy’s voice made another appearance at the 2022 Game Awards as part of a trailer for a new game. In the trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, the ragtag group is seen pulling The Flash out of a courtyard, and into what appears to be a warehouse. After some humorous and drawn-out dialogue from the anti-heroes, a noise is heard in the shadows, a guard is thrown to the ground past a sign that reads, “Arkham Asylum”, then: The Dark Knight himself appears. The action cuts to black, and Conroy’s voice is once again heard, proclaiming, “I am revenge! I am the night! I’m Batman!”.

Thank you Kevin Conroy Title Card
Credit: Rocksteady Studios

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In what appears to be a return to the universe of the Arkham franchise, fans were also treated to the return of the legend Kevin Conroy himself. After a few moments of black screen, a touching tribute appeared saying, “Thank you Kevin”, with his Bat symbol below. While it’s unknown if the actor was able to record anything more than this game before his passing, it’s heartwarming for fans to hear him at least one more time.

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