Modern gadgets have intruded on small screen primacy : The Tribune India

Modern gadgets have intruded on small screen primacy : The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Manmeet Singh Gill

Amritsar, November 21

As World Television Day was celebrated on Monday, it was additionally time for a bit of stock-taking with new gear that limits the necessity for it if not eliminates it fully. While the ‘Idiot Box’ continues to be standard with new massive screen tv units aided by expertise that makes viewing extra entertaining, TV additionally faces the specter of growing redundancy with smartphones and computer systems offering a parallel and highly effective platform on your day by day dose of leisure and knowledge. However, old-timers stay nostalgic concerning the time once they used to attend for months to look at a brand new film telecast by Doordarshan, at the same time as separate film channels in several languages ​​have proliferated.

Senior residents recalled that these had been the times when tv antennas needed to be adjusted now and again to get a transparent image. DTH and cable service have carried out away with the issue as has the rise in variety of TV towers for higher connectivity. Senior residents remorse that one factor tv used to supply was high quality household time when everybody would sit collectively to look at their favourite cleaning soap opera. Young folks now want their private units to sitting subsequent to the household. Watching TV collectively was a day by day ritual in most households, summed up Harish Behal, an eight-year-old.

As 40-year-old Satvir stated, “My favorite show as a child was Ainak Wala Jin which was aired every Friday night by Pakistan Television. We adjusted the TV antenna every week to watch the show.” Satvir, who lived in a village along the international border with Pakistan, said, “Back then, Doordarshan was the only channel available. While elders used to watch Pakistani serials like Dhuwan and Marvi, the kids loved Ainak Wala Jin . Every night we adjusted the antenna to watch Pakistani TV dramas.”

Back in the country, those were the days when towns and cities would come to a standstill when the epics Mahabharat and Ramayana were aired. Joginder Nath, another elderly person, said, “If people were out of their homes, they would gather outside shops to watch the epic drama. The shopkeepers were too obliging and everyone remained glued to the television till the show aired. “

Seniors complained that television is now only used to watch primetime news debates and listen to newscasts, although much depends on personal preference due to the abundance of channels. While any movie, series or documentary is now just a click away, old-timers said they used to wait for weeks for their favorite movie to air on television.

“I still remember the time when Doordarshan would air the popular and hit movie Bobby in a late night telecast. We started asking permission from our parents weeks in advance,” stated Balbir Singh, a 52-year-old. It was the early days of tv within the nation that sparked curiosity and nostalgia within the medium and other people related to it, with the modifications additionally symbolizing the altering worth system and social mores.

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