Most hot toys are back in stock, but there’s one you still can’t find

Most hot toys are back in stock, but there’s one you still can’t find

CINCINNATI – How times change: During the past two holiday seasons, parents have been scrambling to find hot holiday toys, game consoles and bikes for kids.

Remember the “big bike shortage?” It’s long gone.

This year things look like last minute shopping.

We found Kelly Rechts finishing up her Christmas shopping at Walmart, surprised at how well stocked the shelves were.

“I feel it’s better this year,” she said. “In past years it was difficult to get out of COVID, there wasn’t much choice. But this year there is more choice and more variety.”

Last December, you might recall, dozens of giant cargo ships were backed up in Los Angeles, creating shortages of scooters, electronics and many of the hottest toys.

Those ships are all gone.

Walmart shelves back to pre-pandemic times

We visited a Walmart store, the Walmart Super Center in West Chester, Ohio, to see how supplies were holding up this late in the holiday shopping season.

Supervisor Randi Wood says supplies are excellent.

“We do have hoverboards available,” she said. “And most of the best toys we have too, like Cocomelon, Squishmallows and Magic Mixies.”

One hallway was lined with Barbie dolls, another with Lego sets.

Wood says you should even be able to find an Xbox Series S or Nintendo Switch in many of their stores — consoles that have been so elusive two Christmases in a row.

“We’ve been working really hard with our team to make sure the Xboxes and Switch game consoles are in stock in stores and online,” she said.

One item still hard to find

However, there is still one game console that is hard to find: Sony’s PlayStation5, due to the ongoing PC chip shortage, which has hit Sony harder than other companies

Many stores no longer have PS5 consoles.

And if you order online, you may have to pay $600 or more from third-party sellers, more than retail.

You might consider a rain check for your loved one, and explain that you will buy one in the spring.

But otherwise, toy shoppers have the biggest choice in 3 or 4 years, good news for last-minute shoppers.

The biggest problem last-minute toy buyers face: delivery times.

So your best bet might be to shop in stores to make sure you get it by Christmas, so you don’t waste your money.


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