PocketBook Viva 8 inch Color E Ink eReader

PocketBook Viva 8 inch Color E Ink eReader

PocketBook Viva 8 inch Color E Ink e-reader

This week E Ink introduced their latest creation in the form of the PocketBook Viva as well as the announcement that the Gallery 3 went into mass production. Bigme, BOOX, iFlyTek, iReader, pocket bookReadmoo and AOC are expected to soon unveil their new products using the Gallery 3 whose shipping dates are expected to roll out during the year 2023. As soon as more information on pricing and availability is made available, we will keep you posted as always.

“E Ink is very excited to have seven major customers announce new products with E Ink Gallery 3,” said Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink. “E Ink Gallery 3 opens a new chapter in digital reading, offering customers a full-color, enhanced e-book reading and shopping experience while providing sustainable reading options. We believe customers who own black and white e-readers will be encouraged to upgrade to a color reading experience with Gallery 3.”

E Ink PocketBook Viva e-reader

“The market entry of our new PocketBook Viva e-reader based on E Ink Gallery 3 will be one of the most important events of the first half of 2023 for our company,” said Evgeniy Zaitsev, Head of Sales of PocketBook International SA . product is special to us because we have always believed that the future of digital reading is in color ePaper technology. Ten years ago, PocketBook was one of the first manufacturers to release an e-reader with a color E Ink display. Over the following years, we have used the latest color ePaper technology to provide an excellent reading experience to our users. And now we are pleased to continue this more than ten-year tradition with PocketBook Viva, which is a long-awaited new stage of e-reading in color development.”

“Unlike an LCD tablet, E Ink products only require power to change an image, not to display it. This results in a very low powered device, with charges needed every few weeks versus daily . In the last five years, 130 million e-readers are in use worldwide, replacing the purchase of paper editions of books. It is estimated that paper books and LCD devices emit more than 100,000 and 50 times CO2 respectively compared to e-readers during that time would release.”

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