Portronics expands its products portfolio with 3 new useful gadgets

Portronics expands its products portfolio with 3 new useful gadgets

Portronics Mport 4D USB Hub, Pixel 8W Bluetooth Speaker, Car Power 120 Charger

Portronics Mport 4D USB Hub, Pixel 8W Bluetooth Speaker, Car Power 120 Charger

The holiday season is here and while the New Year is a few days away, it is the perfect time to share love, joy and gifts with your loved ones. Due to the high spirit of the holiday season, electronics brand Portronics has expanded its gadget portfolio with the launch of 3 new devices – Mport 4D USB Hub, Pixels 8W portable BT speaker and Car Power 120 charger. Enjoy hassle-free music and fast data transfer with these great devices that can be a great addition to your laptop or travel bag.

Portronics Mport 4D

Portronics Mport 4D is a multifunctional USB hub that is easy to carry and will greatly expand your connectivity options that are limited due to space constraints. This 4-in-1 hub is a perfect utility device that helps you connect up to 4 devices (USB 2.0) to your laptop or PC at the same time and transfer files and data quickly with a speed of 480 Mbps. The highly versatile device has an innovative design with a cubic body and a tangle-free 1.5 meter cord, making it super easy and portable to carry on the go. The device is highly portable and comes with universal compatibility, making it easy to connect with portable USB drives, external hard drives, joysticks, smartphones and tablets.

Portronics Pixel

No gathering is complete without music and dancing, whether you call your best friends for a pajama party or join them outdoors on a camping trip – the Portronics Pixel will make your every occasion unforgettable. Equipped with 32 LED Pixel Light Animations, this portable speaker can liven up any dance floor with its powerful 8-Watt sound output. And if you have two Pixel speakers, you can TWS the speakers for an even louder volume with improved stereo performance. Pair it wirelessly with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth or simply plug in a USB stick or a microSD card loaded with music playlists and Pixel is instantly ready for any action. In addition, thanks to the 2400 mAh lithium battery that offers up to 6 hours of battery life, your entertainment is guaranteed right from the start of the evening to the chat session after dinner.

Portronics Car Power 120

If you are a frequent traveler, Car Power 120 is just for you which supports fast charging with a maximum power output of 120W. This all-in-one car charger features a zinc alloy case and comes with three charging ports – a USB Type-A port and 2 Type-C PD charging ports that make charging during long drives easy without worrying about battery levels . You can also charge your laptops in the car itself, with the 100W Type-C PD charging port of the Car Power 120, giving you a better working and charging experience when you go on long trips and road trips. In addition, you can also charge other devices thanks to the 20W Type-C PD charging port and an 18W QC charging slot available in the charger for fast charging of your devices.

Pricing and Availability

The Portronics Mport 4D USB Hub, Pixel BT Speaker and Car Power 120 charger are available in the market at introductory prices of Rs 499, Rs 1,699 and Rs 2,299 respectively, backed with 12 months warranty. Users can buy these devices from Amazon, Flipkart, the company’s official website Portronics.com, and other leading online and offline stores across India.

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