Smartwatch but Make It Fashion: The Huawei GT Cyber With Detachable Face

Smartwatch but Make It Fashion: The Huawei GT Cyber With Detachable Face

As video killed the radio star, the cell phone killed the wristwatch. This is not to say that the art of watchmaking has been killed and buried, but rather that traditional watches have been relegated to the position of status symbols, of must-haves. This is neither the most unusual nor the most unfortunate position, but it does indicate a major decline in popularity.

These days, watches are making a comeback as health and fitness devices, and we’re sure that’s news to absolutely no one with an internet connection and eyes to see. Whether you are an athlete, a fitness fanatic, or just someone who is conscious of their well-being, a smartwatch to monitor activity levels and essential functions is a must. So why not give it a fashionable twist?

This is the question that the latest smartwatch from Huawei tries to answer, setting a world first in the process. The GT Cyber ​​​​is not just a smartwatch, but one of the strangest products of its kind out there and the first detachable smart movement smartwatch in the world. It has a detachable face that you can simply pop into another case on another strap whenever you feel like it.

Apple has also emphasized the idea of ​​fashionable smart watches by offering a large range of bracelets in different styles for them, but Huawei takes it a step further: with the GT Cyber ​​​​you replace not only the strap, but also the ring .

The watch itself is the dial, and you add more diversity to the piece by changing its band and bezel. The dial attaches to the bezel with powerful magnets, so getting a “new” watch is a matter of a single click and takes less than a minute of your precious time. It costs extra, it’s true, but in return you get a gadget that adapts to whatever you do and whatever you wear. It might seem like a whole lot of effort for the silliest thing, but to each their own. Fashion is fashion, so perish the thought of ever going out with friends for drinks in your best party wear and rocking your distinctly sporty smartwatch!

Huawei launched the GT Cyber ​​in the domestic market in November 2022, and began the global rollout this month, February 2023. Mexico is the first to get it, with pre-orders now open on a reservation-only basis, with more markets to follow. No better time than the present to know what’s coming your way, is what we say.

The GT Cyber ​​is unisex, so it might look a little too big on a smaller wrist. It comes in two variants, Functional and Elegant, with three cases (Sports, Fashion and Urban Explorer), and several color options (black, grey, yellow, gold, white and midnight blue). The versatility of the gadget, from a purely aesthetic perspective, is also its highest selling point, as highlighted by the advertisement available in the video below.

But this is not to say that Huawei puts looks over brains or brains: the GT Cyber ​​​​comes with a 1.32-inch AMOLED color screen with 466×466 pixels resolution and PPI 352. It runs OpenHarmony-based software and is compatible with smartphones running HarmonyOS 2, Android 6.0, and iOS 9.0, comes with Bluetooth calling, voice assistant, built-in GPS, and NFC for contactless payments.

It also offers music playback, TrueSeen 5.0+ technology with all-weather health monitoring and support for over 100 sports modes, heart rate monitoring, smart sleep monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring, menstrual cycle tracking and stress monitoring – so the spectrum of features needed to ensure you live a healthy, stress-free life .

As for the power, all variants of the GT Cyber ​​come with a 316L stainless steel case and nano-microcrystalline ceramic bezel, paired with aerospace-grade hydrogenated nitrile rubber strap. In much simpler terms, the GT Cyber ​​is built to last, with parts that are highly wear-resistant and durable. It is also water resistant to 5 ATM and meets military standards, meaning it can withstand dramatic changes in temperature, pressure and solar radiation.

You’ll still need to take it off for (wireless) charging every now and then, with Huawei noting that the integrated 292mAh battery is good for seven days per charge with moderate use, and four days with heavy, constant use.

The GT Cyber ​​goes on sale in Mexico on February 13, just in time to treat yourself to a fashionable Valentine’s Day gift. Huawei has yet to announce the release dates for other territories, but just to be on the safe side, shell out $220 or so for it in case you’re thinking of taking your smartwatch game to the next fashionable stage.

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