Tech Guide’s 2022 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 6: Tablets/eReaders

Tech Guide’s 2022 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 6: Tablets/eReaders

We’re halfway through Tech Guide’s 2022 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas to help you find the gifts your family and friends will absolutely love.

Today is Day 6 and we look at tablets and e-readers. Tablets are popular among everyone and are ideal for school students and mobile professionals.

And if you love to read, then there are many e-readers that can hold all your books and put the actual bookstore at your fingertips as well.

Here are Tech Guide’s 12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas:

Day 1: Cameras

Day 2: Smartphones

Day 3: Wearables/Smartwatches

Day 4: Headphones/speakers

DAY 5: Games

DAY 6: Tablets/e-readers

DAY 7: Drones/Gadgets

DAY 8: Smart/IoT devices

DAY 9: In-car equipment

DAY 10: TVs/Blu-Ray/4K

DAY 11: Devices

DAY 12: Computers

DAY 6: Tablets/e-readers

iPad (10st GEN) – From $749

The humble iPad has taken a huge leap forward with the release of the 10th generation of the popular device which features a new look and an all-screen design.

Since the release of the iPad in 2010, it has defined the tablet market and this latest iteration is its biggest upgrade.

It not only looks different but also has the A14 bionic chip which definitely upgrades its capabilities to do things like edit 4K videos, play the latest graphics games and last all day on a single charge.

On the design side, this is the iPad’s biggest change.

Gone is the home button and the large forehead and chin above and below the screen and in its place is a beautiful 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with a resolution of 2360 X 1640.


KINDLE SCRIBE – starting at $549

Read and write longer with the world’s first 10.2” 300 ppi anti-glare Paperwhite screen, including a basic pen. Whether you’re engrossed in a non-fiction book or revising a document, Kindle Scribe has a large, high-resolution screen, adjustable warm light, auto-adjusting front light and larger font sizes for a personalized experience, allowing you enable you to read day or night comfortably.



We already know Oppo for its smartphones, but the company has now released its first tablet in Australia – the Pad Air – which is a handy companion for work, play and travel.

Yes, the name of the product sounds almost exactly like a popular Apple tablet, but that’s where the similarity ends. Priced at $379, the Oppo Pad Air is definitely affordable. And the cover is an extra $79.


IPAD PRO WITH M2 – Starting at $1,399

If you thought the M1 iPad Pro was powerful, then wait until you get a load of the all-new model powered by Apple’s M2 processor – it really takes things to the next level.

Although the design of the new iPad Pro has not changed, there are some exciting developments under the hood that will make this product even more valuable and versatile for professionals who rely on high-level performance anywhere.

Available with either 11-inch and 12.9-inch Liquid Retina displays, the iPad Pro can now deliver incredible performance and power through even the most demanding workflows thanks to that new M2 chip.


TCL NXTPAPER 10s – $499

Give your loved ones the gift of eye protection this Christmas with the TCL NXTPAPER 10s. Specifically designed with a focus on eye protection for a wide consumer base, the paper-like display design uses 10 layers of protection to maintain natural colors, setting an industry standard.

The screen is TÜV certified and reduces blue light through the screen by 73%. Users will also enjoy clear viewing from any angle due to the screen’s anti-glare finish. With a built-in PC mode, the NXTPAPER 10s is easily accessible through the pull-down setting from the home screen, which combined with its Folio keyboard and the 8000mAh battery more than a full day of learning, entertainment and creativity, work or entertainment. Available at Target and Mobility


LASER KIEZEL GEAR DISNEY 7-INCH TABLETS (Mickey and Friends, Frozen, Toy Story or Cars) – $189

Play and learn with all your favorite Disney characters with the Pebble Gear Disney 7-inch tablets. Specially designed with a protective bumper to protect against spills, bumps and scratches and developed with software and a user interface that gives parents peace of mind, this Android device has content restrictions, usage settings and time limits, and offers 12 months of free access to Gamestore Junior with access to over 500 games, e-books and more. Available at Big W.

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S8 ULTRA – starting at $1,799

It’s not a tablet – it’s a tablet now! The Crocodile Dundee reference shows that what you think is big for a tablet is nothing compared to the massive Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with its 14.6-inch screen.

Samsung is no slouch when it comes to moving forward with its products – it has boldly released excellent TVs, powerful and foldable smartphones and a projector you can take anywhere.

This time, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra also swings for the fences with its remarkable size that includes that beautiful 14.6-inch Super AMOLED 120Hz display with a resolution of 2960 x 1848 and a color depth of 16 million colors.



Keeping your iPad within reach and in sight just got a lot easier with the HoverBar tower from Twelve South so you can have hands-free access to the device for cooking, working out, music lessons and many other tasks.

HoverBar Tower has a weighted base and three tower posts that screw together to bring the iPad up to standing height while an arm holds the tablet firmly in place.


KOBO CLARA 2E – $229

Rakuten Kobo has unveiled the new Kobo Clara 2E – the company’s first e-reader made with ocean-bound and recycled plastics – which includes Bluetooth and is fully waterproof.

The device has a 6-inch HD E Ink Carta 1200 anti-glare touchscreen with a resolution of 1448 x 1072 (300ppi).

The Kobo Clara 2E is noticeably thin (8.66mm) and light (it weighs just 171g).

Holding the e-reader and getting lost in a book for hours at a time is no hassle.

The screen is sharp and clear so you can easily and comfortably devour the book you are reading.


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