The most unusual gadgets that never became popular

The most unusual gadgets that never became popular

Creative people always want to realize their potential by presenting their inventions to the whole world. However, sometimes their brain child does not get very enthusiastic feedback from the target audience. As a rule, this failure is related to the fact that the main idea of ​​a certain gadget does not appeal to people’s needs, interests and preferences. But still, some unusual inventions have a unique concept, although they failed to attract other people’s attention to the extent of a hit and make history.

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Top 5 Unusual Gadgets You Didn’t Know About

There is a list of inventions with very interesting ideas, but without the right implementation. Their creators relied on modern technology to develop their gadgets and bring them to the world. Most of them have not achieved any success, but we can be inspired by their creativity and uniqueness.

Smart toothbrush

The regular toothbrush has some unique features that have turned it into a very useful tool. This gadget has 3D motion sensors that can identify the part of the mouth that the user wants to brush. This innovative toothbrush is wired to a special app, where you can see the analyzed data and receive feedback. The gadget was designed to improve dental hygiene, but it turned out that people aren’t ready to change the way they carry out the essential part of their everyday morning routine

Fork that controls your way of eating

New technologies have also affected the sphere of people’s diet. The concept of this smart fork is to tell the person to eat more slowly, which is the measure that prevents overeating. It works like this: the fork starts vibrating if it detects that you are eating fast and a lot. The reason why this idea did not spread widely among the masses seems obvious. No one can be in constant control of their life, so people find it better to let go and enjoy the meal without any gadgets and restrictions.


It’s a smart belt that can do some things not usually associated with regular belts. Belty can adapt itself to your changing body shape. So this means that if you eat or sit down a lot, the belt will take the shape of your body. Basically, this invention was created to make people’s life easier, but in reality, no one found it interesting to use in everyday life.

Portable computer.

It’s a computer that can always be with you, even when you’re not at home. The ergonomic and handy device is designed to eliminate the problem of people who need their computer at any moment of their life. However, as practice has shown, this portable computer has not become a good substitute for a regular computer. Moreover, this gadget looks quite funny and ridiculous on a person. The appearance of a person who has many threads around the body is not very attractive, is it?

Vacuum shoes

The tagline sounds ridiculous, but these innovative eco-friendly shoes are designed to absorb dirt and debris during the hikes. There is a special mechanism inserted into the soles that sucks the dirt right into the shoe compartment. This invention made a lot of noise, but people did not immediately rush to buy vacuum shoes with such an unusual function.


So, the concept of some inventions may blow your mind, but they were created for a certain reason, although people did see it as a necessary thing in their life. It is a regular occurrence that some inventions do not have great success in the market. The thing is that people put a lot of effort into creating gadgets that will somehow make people’s lives easier.


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