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Voice of the People – Pakistan Observer

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Modern entertainment and sapiens

Sapiens were engaged in various physical activities in ancient times. They used to listen, read and write, even their everyday life. So they were active and creative. The habit of reading was one of the first-rate habits. It not only amused the people but led them to the shores of knowledge and creativity. Moreover, games (sports) were the only ones, which made them energetic.

Moreover, there was no addiction to any digital practices. As screen addiction is currently on the rise, roaming around the world, damaging people’s brains in general and the youth in particular. Second, radios and all accessories of that era let the people know the essence of listening and observing.

To make a long story short, there were no short cut scenes in the life of the people. They didn’t live their lives on the power of gadgets, but on their own. Unfortunately, everything has diminished. People have left their lives, led by the machines and given them cheap entertainment.

People these days have buried their heads in sand and laid down on the basis of accessories and gadgets. Despite engaging in any of the above activities, people have made themselves lazy because of the inventions – making them lazy. They should exercise, but with regard to their mental and physical health.




It is unimaginable and unspeakable that corruption in Zimbabwe is out of control. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has caused corruption to enter the borders of South Africa where South African immigration officials let in illegal Zimbabweans with as little as 200 rand. This is how the corruption in Zimbabwe spreads and exceeds other neighboring countries. Senior government officials are also busy mastering corruption and the net even extends to the ministers in the Zimbabwean government.

Corruption is a cancer in Zimbabwe and has created abject poverty and eroded the economy. There is no doubt that the terrible economy of Zimbabwe brewed by massive corruption proves beyond doubt that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to eradicate corruption and grow the economy of Zimbabwe. He must resign or be voted out in 2023 election.



Christmas is a festival of joy

Christmas is the time of year when we welcome joy and good cheer into our homes, when we sing carols, wear our best clothes and celebrate with our nearest and dearest. December 25, the day Jesus Christ was born, is one of the biggest celebrations around the world.

Christ, the Savior, born to Joseph and Mary in a manger in the city of Bethlehem 2022 years ago, was visited by the three wise men of the east, the Magi, who came with precious gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh along with they. However, what we must remember is that Christmas is not simply a celebration that involves exchanging gifts and participating in lavish feasts; it is the infinite love of God and the many wonderful lessons that Jesus Christ taught us that we should ponder as we prepare for another glorious Christmas night.

The lessons of love, kindness and mercy that Christ Jesus taught us remain just as relevant 2022 years after his birth.


Mumbai, India

Happy birthday Mbappe

Apart from the pleasure of witnessing perhaps the most competitive final in the history of the World Cup with the fate of the teams looking like a seesaw and ultimate success of Lionel Messi in the hands of the much coveted trophy; Kylian Mbappe and France still stand out despite finishing second best.

First, when most countries of the world discriminate against its minorities and “outsiders” in terms of race, religion or color, the brave French team is liberal enough to include 92% of its members from the migrant communities!

Secondly, despite being outplayed until the 80th minute of the game and trailing 0-2, the French deliver an inspiring message of life that one should not lose hope despite initial setbacks, with a turnaround guaranteed if the adversity is tackled. persistence and perseverance.

Thirdly, Mbappe is surely a great player with impeccable skills; but as a man he lives on a much higher pedestal! Whether it was scoring a rarest of rare hat-tricks in a World Cup final or ending up on the losing side despite a victory knocking on the door; Mbappe remains in his usual calm composed humble philosophical avatar!

May we draw inspiration from the holy personality of Mbappe (who just completed 24 years of life on December 20) and negotiate the peaks and troughs of life with such a piece of debauchery! May this all-encompassing cosmopolitan humanity personified French/”Les Bleus” spirit of “WORLD IS ONE FAMILY” have the last laugh in every sector of global society by eradicating all norms of hatred and intolerance.


Kolkata, India

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