What Revolutions in tech could we see in 2023?

What Revolutions in tech could we see in 2023?

Who can imagine a world without the latest gadgets, software or devices? Technology has become such an integral part of how we live that it is something that is now simply unfathomable. 2022 was another great year for technology and this is something we can expect to continue in 2023.

This is even more true when you think ahead to the revolutions that this sector may experience in the coming year. But what could be the biggest technological breakthroughs to watch?

The metaverse

While the metaverse came to public attention in 2022, 2023 could be the year this technology revolution truly makes its mark in our daily lives. There is no doubt that this next generation version of the Internet is a real leap forward in technological terms, bringing with it the latest hardware with concepts such as augmented reality. But what exactly is it?

In simple terms, it will allow us to blend life online and offline in a truly immersive way. Using AR and VR technology, it gives us a whole new way to interact with and navigate the online environment.

The Metaverse is not only exciting for users, but can also transform many sectors. This is certainly true for iGaming, which is an industry perfectly placed to make the most of this technology. While online casino games on a top platform like Fortune Coin’s casino are a lot of fun right now, the ability to interact with other players on iGaming sites in the metaverse can provide an even better experience.

Brain Mapping and Neuromorphic Chips

One of the most exciting technology revolutions for 2023 is further developments in AI and human/computer interface. As the name suggests, this niche within AI focuses on how humans interact with computers and how this can be made a more efficient, organic process.

Many people expect that 2023 will include a real breakthrough in this area, especially around brain mapping and neuromorphic chips. We may see brain/computer interfaces emerge in the coming 12 months, enabling assistive devices with implantable sensors that harness brain signals to operate devices. While this is obviously a technological revolution within artificial intelligence that needs to be closely monitored, it represents an exciting new dimension to how we use computers.


Almost everyone has heard of 3D printing by now and it was at one time a real revolution in technology itself. We can expect to see bioprinting begin in 2023 to become the latest iteration of this printing method to enrich our lives.

Essentially, bioprinting is an application of 3D printing that uses biological material to print new organs or structures. It can also be used to create new living cells to form skin tissue or blood vessels. Researchers have already successfully bioprinted human bladders, kidneys and lungs in laboratories. Since there seems to be a shortage of human organs available for transplant, this technological development could be a massive story in 2023.


Anyone who is an avid mobile fan knows what a splash 5G has made recently. It should come as no surprise then that people are already talking about 6G making its appearance in 2023. This will obviously be another revolution in terms of mobile network functionality.

If it does, expect 6G to bring even faster speeds to mobile networks and faster communication between devices. It is thought that 6G will also enable more devices to connect and communication between them can be further isolated. This would mean that a problem with one connected device on 6G should not affect any of the others. 6G should also provide more stable mobile connections and further improve the rollout of technology such as robotic surgery.

Ability to digitally edit the world

People have now mastered the ability to recreate the physical world digitally online. So it’s a safe bet that the next development we may see in 2023 is the ability to digitally edit our world. It would be a real game changer and something that would change the way we engage with life.

But how exactly would that work? It may surprise you to know that early efforts in this area have provided some interesting examples to ponder. For example, nanotech enables manufacturers to change the composition of real materials for specific purposes. There is even the ability to digitally edit living organisms in the real world, such as plants and animals, to enhance them.

2023 could see some major revolutions in technology

We all know the extremely important role technology now plays in all our lives on a global scale. While 2022 was another transformative year for this sector, 2023 is already shaping up to deliver even more revolutionary breakthroughs to impress us.

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