Wild Arms Spiritual Successor ‘Armed Fantasia’ Reveals Development Update; Enemy Number Decided, Dungeon Themes & BGM Ambition

Wild Arms Spiritual Successor ‘Armed Fantasia’ Reveals Development Update; Enemy Number Decided, Dungeon Themes & BGM Ambition

The team behind the successful turn-based JRPG Armed Fantasia has shared a development update on various facets of the game. Models for the world map are still being produced, and tests are being carried out for the boat and flying machine that you will be able to use for traversal.

In addition, the concepts for the gadgets have all been finalized, although changes need to be made intelligibly depending on how they function in practice. The team also confirmed that Stritsch, Soleil’s partner, will be a gadget.

Continuing, the number of enemies, the Anomalies, was determined. Furthermore, they are all named, and their signature information is complete. The idle battle stances for Ingram, Alicia and Euclid are also completed.

As for the dungeons, some of the aesthetic players can expect are “classic underground ruins built from stone,” a “western punk church facility,” and a “deeply ornate gothic style.”

Finally, while vague, some notable ambition is pursued for the background music. The lead game designer and scenario writer, Akifumi Kaneko, said that he was considering a method of using the BGM that he had never done in previous games, and he “may be heading for a hero’s death.” So far, this unspecified soundtrack usage concept is still up in the air for finalization.

For further details on the development of Armed Fantasia, check out the game’s latest Kickstarter backer update.

The April 2023 Kickstarter backer update revealed artwork of the following enemy, Fulad-zereh:

Set in the country of London, the protagonist, Ingram, decides to leave his hometown after his grandfather dies. He then becomes a Pathfinder, a profession that uses ARM (Aether Reaction Maximizer) weapons to rid the world of anomalies.

Throughout this Westernpunk wilderness, Ingram will make many allies and enemies involved in a battle that will reveal Londenium’s past and future. Two of his party members are named Euclid Sturges and Alicia Fairhead.

Players can look forward to a “large-scale party-based JRPG adventure”, where an enormous world map puzzles, sea and air navigation with vehicles, and racing with real momentum are present. Dungeon exploration will allow party members to use their Gadgets, which overcome obstacles in unique ways.

Battles will be turn-based, using the Cross Order Tactics system. “Sequential character actions play a key role in the Chain Order, and disruptive Force Breaks interrupt enemy turn order,” so a great deal of strategy is heavily emphasized.

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