With 100,000 active communities and 430 million posts, Reddit boosted its reach in 2022

With 100,000 active communities and 430 million posts, Reddit boosted its reach in 2022

NEW YORK, Dec 10 – The end of the year is approaching and social media sites are recording the past 12 months. After Spotify, Apple and TikTok, Reddit revealed the figures that defined 2022 on its platform. And one thing is clear, the Reddit community hasn’t stopped growing.

Reddit is on a roll. The community platform grew and gained new users in 2022. Looking back on the year, Reddit revealed that it now has more than 100,000 active communities worldwide and that more than 430 million posts were created in 2022, a growth of 14 percent versus 2021.

Reddit also increased in engagement with more than 2.5 billion comments in 2022 by November 20. Again, this was an increase over the previous year, this time by 7 percent; plus the site has tallied more than 24 billion upvotes, Reddit’s version of a “like,” which helps move a post up on the platform.

And when it comes to details, the platform revealed that the post “Full screenshot of r/place 2022” in the subreddit “r/place” was the most popular publication with 434,300 upvotes. Next, the post “In 1996, Ukraine handed over nuclear weapons to Russia ‘in exchange for a guarantee never to be threatened or invaded'” in the subreddit “r/interestingasfuck” with a total of 403,500 upvotes, followed by , in “r/mademesmile,” “he finally got his dick” with 379,800 upvotes and in “r/aww,” “Man stops to save kitten, gets ambushed by platoon” with 357,200 upvotes. A post ” Place has ended” in “r/place” rounds out this top 5 most popular posts with 353,700 upvotes.

The platform also highlighted the success of the “r/tifu” community, for “Today IF***ed Up”, which rose 20 places in the rankings in just one year, from the 47th most viewed community until 27th. Users have clearly embraced candid conversations about their curiosities, as the “r/AskMen” and “r/AskWomen” subreddits grew by 59 percent and 52 percent, respectively, compared to last year.

Meanwhile, the news was a key topic for Reddit users. If internet users are now increasingly turning to social networks for news in general, this is backed up by Reddit’s observations with the subreddit “r/worldnews” ranking as the year’s third most watched community. The war in Ukraine was widely followed on the platform by “r/ukraine” which recorded a 76,000 percent growth in views, amounting to 1.8 billion views in one year, and more than 6 million posts and comments.

Space also fascinated redditors, as “r/space” enjoyed a 79 percent increase in views.

The success of r/place

But the community that defined the year 2022 on Reddit is none other than r/place. The collaborative initiative brought together users from more than 236 countries and territories for 87 hours and received more than 1.1 billion views. More than 10.4 million redditors took part in a challenge that involved posting one pixel every five minutes, for a total of more than 5.9 million pixels posted every hour. This challenge led to a battle between web users from all over the world. — ETX Studio

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