9 Heart-Warming Food Stories That Inspired The Internet In 2022

9 Heart-Warming Food Stories That Inspired The Internet In 2022

The internet is filled with a wide variety of content. From cute baby videos and cooking to bizarre food combinations, you’ll find anything and everything at the touch of a button. While nothing impresses us on the internet, one thing that always tugs at our heartstrings is inspiring stories of people fighting their way out of hardship. They not only inspire us to do better but also make us count our blessings. As the year ends, it’s time to look back at some food stories that caught people’s attention. Here we have compiled a list of inspirational stories that will help motivate you for a fresh start in the new year. Check them out below:

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Here are 9 food stories that inspired the internet in 2022:

1.Mumbai based street vendor who sells Kulfi to earn a living

In a video uploaded by food blogger @youtubeswadofficial on his Instagram, we can see a vendor selling kulfi on the streets of Mumbai. He has been selling on the streets of the city for the past 28 years. This kulfi seller does not have a shop or a stall, so he has to move around all day looking for customers. He carries more than 35 kg on his head, just so he can earn a living. Read more about it here.

2.Delhi teacher sells homemade food after losing job

A woman, who lost her job as a teacher, got back on her feet by selling homemade food on the streets of Delhi. The video was uploaded by Instagram food blogger @thefoodiehat. In the clip, we can see the woman serving a wide variety of dishes like rajma chawal, sabzi, dal and roti. Her act of courage and determination has inspired many people on the internet. Click here to read more.

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3. Delivery boy who gets a job at an IT firm

While no job is insignificant, nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams and aspirations. A young boy from Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh got a job with an IT firm after spending most of his college years delivering food. In a post on LinkedIn, he said: “I’m a delivery boy with a dream.” He further explained in the report how he had different jobs so that he could contribute financially to his family. Read more about it here.

4.Mumbai woman starts her restaurant with only INR 2500

We all have certain dreams that we want to achieve at some point in our lives. For this Mumbai woman, her dream was to have her own restaurant, which she was finally able to achieve after years of hard work. The lack of money did not stop her from realizing her dreams. With just INR 2500 in savings, Sangeeta was able to start her small restaurant – Sangeeta’s Kitchen – with her husband. Click here to read more.

5.Amritsar woman selling parathas to raise daughters

This story is of a street vendor from Amritsar – Veena. In a video uploaded by food blogger @youtubeswadofficial, we can see Veena cooking at her paratha stall. She has been a domestic helper for the past 20 years and has four daughters. But after her husband’s death, the entire responsibility of raising their daughters fell on her shoulders. She sells one of the largest parathas in Amritsar. Click here to read more.

6. Man from Delhi sells fresh homemade food at just INR 40

In a video uploaded by Instagram food blogger @youtubeswadofficial, we can see a man selling food on his cart. The man used to have a hotel which he lost. He then took a loan from his friends to start this business. He sells fresh homemade food at just INR 40 and works for more than 15 hours a day. His inspiring story has gained a lot of appreciation from people on the internet. Read more about it here.

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7. Delhi man restarts his shop after paralysis attack

This story of a man from Delhi who restarted his shop after suffering a stroke of paralysis has inspired many people on the internet. The video was shared by food blogger Rajneesh who goes by the handle @are_you_hungry007. According to him, the man suffered a loss in his business and then suffered a paralytic attack, after which he decided to restart his business with the support of his family. Click here to read more.

8.Gurgaon woman selling homemade food for 25 years

Another inspiring story is of this woman from Gurgaon, Haryana. She cooks fresh chicken curries at home, packs them in large containers and takes them to the market. The name of her stall is ‘Aunty Ki Rasoi.” As per @youtubeswadofficial, the lady has been doing this for over 25 years and works around 15 hours a day. Read more about it here.

9.Elderly woman selling chocolates on local train of Mumbai

A viral Instagram video showed an elderly woman selling chocolates on the Mumbai local train. She had a wide smile on her face as she did so. The video was shared by Instagram user @mona13khan. Internet could not help but appreciate the woman’s courage and determination to work at this age. Read more about it here.

What did you think of these inspiring food stories? Tell us in the comments below.

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